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Skin tight sport and leisure latex shine leggings

Women Latex Leggings - body sensation and tingling eroticism

Latex leggings for ladies are an all-time favourite in latex fashion, which are always in high season. Sexy, bold and daring, they stand for fashionable courage and extravagant style. Even in the wardrobes of the stars and celebrities, they can always be found as a fashion highlight for a particularly glamorous appearance. Skin-tight with a wet look shine, latex leggings are a unique eye-catcher, and in all colours and variations.

Unlike regular wet-look leggings, which also look very sexy, latex leggings offer the unparalleled and exciting skin feel while wearing that no other material can provide. When you dress, your body enjoys a tingle that you won’t find when putting on classic leggings. Like a second skin, the material encases your legs in latex and enhances your butt to have the most beautiful curves. ...more information

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Keep your latex leggings in the bedroom

With a large selection of special latex leggings for women with a zip or an opening in the crotch, you don’t have to take off your latex pants when it comes to the most exciting moment of the evening. Lay seductively on the sheet and present your butt, which always looks juicy and inviting in latex leggings.

With high heels, you emphasize your legs and create a visual extension that makes every man crazy. The erotic fit as well as the variety of colours and designs give you individual possibilities to emphasize your look as a sexy vamp, as a dominant seductress or as an innocent girl to create fascinating role-playing scenes with your passion and charisma.

Simon O. TIP: For a very sexy look, try wearing your leggings with suspenders and hold-up stockings underneath, their shape becomes apparent through the sensual skin-tight fit.

Skin tight transparent latex leggings

Shiny latex leggings for women are the shiny wet dreams of men

Men's dreams are made of shiny latex. The heart rate of just about any man increases when they see women in skin-tight, wet-shining latex leggings. The wet look lustre of latex leggings makes your legs appear to be bathed in paint. No other material comes close to perfecting this effect.

In combination with a blazer, a blouse or T-shirt you put yourself in scene and provide admiring glances and sleepless nights of some men. A shiny appearance is guaranteed in latex leggings in any case.

It’s not just men who love and admire latex leggings. You too will thoroughly enjoy them when you wear them. Your skin becomes more sensitive when wearing latex that every touch is amplified, allowing you to feel your partner's hands with greater intensity and discover a completely new body sensation. Pure lust for sensual or bizarre eroticism is no longer just an idea, but begins to take shape in style.

Skin tight clubwear Latex Leggings

Women Latex leggings in a variety of different designs

Models with zips in the crotch or with a visible opening, leggings with lacing or other erotic details will undeniably inspire your partner.

We offer a variety of different latex leggings in our online shop. From glossy sporty fitness trousers to the fashionable leggings for everyday life to bizarre pants with condoms and zip openings in the crotch for lustful uninhibited moments in latex.

The appearance is always glamorous, sexy and your figure is emphasised. The different leggings styles from sporty to bizarre below give you an overview of how versatile latex leggings can be.

Simon O. Shopping Tip: Most latex leggings are freely configurable and available with numerous crotch options from zips to incorporated condoms.

Transparent Camel Toe Latex Leggings

Skinny Women Latex Leggings with Cameltoe Effect

These skin-tight latex leggings impress with their sexy "cameltoe" effect. The leggings are made of thin and supple latex which emphasize your crotch and the curves of your arse in a particularly erotic way.

Due to the special cut, the leggings fit closely to the shape of your crotch and brings out the contours of the female genital area perfectly. When the erotic, W-shape of the genitals show through a garment is often referred to as "cameltoe".

Seduce your partner with this lustful look, or just enjoy the excitement in wearing. Not only will the appearance of the latex leggings be breath-taking, it will also provide you with a stimulating feeling in the crotch area.

Fashionable latex leggings for women made for a stylish appearance in everyday life

Depending on the occasion and presentation, leggings made of high-gloss latex can be combined in your every day wardrobe. Want to attract attention and conquer with your erotic charms? Then you can wear skin-tight leggings under ripped jeans with large holes or in combination with a seductive top. When the leggings peek out, they attract attention and create intimate thoughts in other people.

For the use of latex leggings in combination with everyday clothing we have special designs in our online shop which are timelessly fashionable and easy to wear. Of course, these are also available in a variety of different colours and can be custom made.

Simon O. Tip: Do you want to rediscover your body awareness and feel the pleasant tightness of latex on the skin in everyday life? Then we recommend the chlorinated version of your latex clothing. Because chlorinated latex is best worn under normal clothing.

Simon O. Tip: With silicone lubricant, you will slide easily into your leggings and enjoy the slick feeling with pure sensuality. For the perfect shine when wearing latex, a silicone shine spray ensures a nourishing effect for the long-term durability of the material as well as perfects a high gloss shine.

Absolute Important: Never treat latex clothing with oil (baby oil) or greasy products. The oil will degrade the latex material. Please only use appropriate latex care products.

Glossy ladies latex leggings for sports, fitness and yoga

Sporty and stylish, you dress with our specially designed for fitness and sports latex leggings. You can combine these glossy fitness and leisure leggings with a sweater a T-shirt or even with a matching latex top.

Depending on the desired appearance, there are no limits to the combination. Absolutely suitable for everyday use, these models can be used in many ways. From yoga to fitness to running or just at home doing the housework. Sneakers, running shoes and ankle boots are the perfect complement to a sporty appearance.

Latex leggings with zipper or open crotch

For an especially suspenseful surprise and unrestrained adventures in latex clothing, there are latex leggings with openings or zippers in all the right places. Curious? This provides every opportunity as well as a very erotic idea. Many of our latex leggings can be freely configured and integrated into the erotic game through practical zips and openings.

A particularly bizarre variant which we offer is our latex leggings with integrated condom. Some of our models can even be ordered with built in anal and/or vaginal condoms.

Have fun with latex leggings and combine this versatile legwear under a classic dress or a daring outfit and be completely free in your visual and perceived appearance. Co-ordinating leggings made of latex are always erotic, whether you choose a classic in black, an individual model with stripes or red.

Skin-like translucent thin, with stripes or monochrome, latex leggings catch the eye and let the imagination play. Not only will men's hearts beat faster when you encase your legs with latex and compliment the leggings with high heels or boots. So you can instantly include latex leggings to create erotic outfits.

Women Latex leggings with 14 days exchange guarantee

Our individually configurable latex leggings have a longer delivery time and are excluded from exchange due to the individual configuration . A wide variety of color combinations and numerous options make it impossible to have these leggings models in stock.

But you are not quite sure if the size you have chosen really fits? For this we have many latex leggings in our Latex Basic line. Since these leggings are not specially made for you according to your specifications, they can be exchanged if you choose the wrong size.

Your advantages:

• Shipping within 14 working days
• Selected models with perfect fit
• 14-day replacement guarantee
• Up to -20% discount over individual models