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Latex Blindfolds and face masks: The extra kick

Blindfolds made of latex are an excellent addition to any existing latex outfit. From lovingly playful blindfolds to inflatable latex blindfolds for absolutely eye-catching looks, our latex shop offers a number of models which are available in many colours. For many, the closed eyes add an extra kick of kink.

With a blindfold you are not tempted to open your eyes, and by renouncing your sense of sight you can perceive a new intensity of all other feelings and touches. Even with your partner, this open signal of surrender will set a very special thrill.


latex blindfold with frills

In a latex blindfold, the material thickness is crucial. Choose a finer, possibly even transparent blindfold to incorporate it as an accessory and seductive extra. Or opt for our blindfold made of double strong latex, which is not only 2-coloured as a "reversible mask" due to the double-layer effect, but also can be combined well with other latex bondage articles. Apply a latex blindfold to a latex mask for a double intense effect. Again, you can work beautifully with contrasting colours.

We endeavour to supplement and continually expand our range of blindfolds so that we can offer you an even greater variety of latex blindfolds in the future. Nevertheless, do not hesitate to come to us with individual wishes - we are always ready to implement special designs for you.