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A women wears a latex lingerie set in red with black transparent

Latex lingerie for hot erotic moments - skintight shiny latex lingerie

Latex lies like a second skin on the body and has an incomparable shine. The material is ideal for hot latex lingerie such as briefs and bras, stockings or bodies for erotic hours. In different colors and designs, latex lingerie is characterized by great variety that makes it suitable for elegant, classic and frivolous women alike.
Latex lingerie is a perfect gift for your partner. Depending on the idea and wish we have different sets and combinations, small latex lingerie ensembles for the first experiences up to elaborate latex stockings for demanding customers.      ...photos and more information

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Latex Lingerie : individually made for you

The most of our our latex lingerie assortment can be individually configured and manufactured as a unique item tailored to your own needs. With our configurator each creative idea can become a unique specimen with incomparable erotic effect and individuality factor.

Even under your outfit in the office or under your evening dress for a special occasion you can wear latex lingerie and keep your little sensual secret simply until the right moment. With a little silicone oil and the right technique, latex lingerie can be put on quickly and easily.

Simon O. Tip: To give latex lingerie its breathtaking shine, apply the special spray available here in the shop to the surface. In addition to the appearance, the spray also cares for the material and ensures a long service life. So that you can enjoy your latex outfit even after years.

Latex lingerie set in transparent latex combined with red

Photo: Nikitzo Model: Zlata

Hot latex lingerie for sensual love games

Whether frivolous or sexy, classically elegant or discreet: With latex lingerie you will always find exactly the right style for yourself. You can choose sporty panties with an opening at the crotch or bottom that is not noticeable at first glance, you can opt for brassiere lifting or wear a body that is designed with zippers at the chest and crotch.

For the surprise under the evening dress a frivolous black latex lingerie set or latex stockings with seam are particularly suitable. If your romantic dinner takes place at home, you can reach a little deeper into the selection and choose a stylish and guaranteed individual combination of latex lingerie and latex stockings, a latex dress and high heels. Find your style and enjoy a body feeling that always comes along with a little secret hidden for all eyes with latex lingerie.

Simon O. Tip: Do not apply silicone oil to the foot area of latex stockings. Otherwise you will slip around too much in the stockings. By slipping the stockings over your leg, enough of the pulling aid remains in the foot area. This is normally sufficient. The same also applies to the stocking closure (garter). There you should use as little silicone oil as possible so that the stocking does not slip down. It is sufficient to treat only the middle part of the latex stockings (from the ankle to about 15 cm under the finish) with silicone oil.

Photo: Nikitzo   Model: Zlata

Exciting latex lingerie in your favourite colour

Transparent latex stockings with black stitching and garters
Latex lingerie set consisting of stockings briefs bra and gloves in yellow with red
Red black latex lingerie set consisting of latex stockings, bra and gloves
Shiny latex stockings with high heel and seam in yellow combined with red
Transparent shiny latex stockings with black garter belt with high heel and back seam

There are also no limits to your fantasy with latex lingerie in terms of colour. Become a hot vamp in shiny black or choose black and white lingerie for a role play of a special kind. Wear strong violet, present yourself in latex underwear as a hot nurse or become a dominatrix in strong red. Latex emphasizes your femininity particularly elegantly and emphasizes your curves in perfection. Enchant your partner with ever new ideas and styles.

It doesn't always have to be black. Bring variety in your erotic looks and look at the variety of latex underwear. From transparent to skin colors to strong colors that you can adapt to your outerwear or the occasion, you will find the whole range of seductive ideas at Latex Lingerie.
Would you like to make an individual decision and have latex lingerie produced according to your preferences? Then our shop is the first address if you want to refer to perfection in production.

Configure your own latex underwear with stylish accents and details, in the size and colour you want according to your requirements.

Latex lingerie for stimulating thoughts during the day

Only you know and feel what you are wearing under your everyday clothes or business outfit. This thought alone will inspire you, make you smile and stir up anticipation for the evening. Surprise your loved one with latex lingerie that takes your eroticism to new dimensions and role-plays for that certain something and extraordinary moments.

Even if you haven't had any experience with latex before and are considering whether this material is something for you, we can assure you that you will completely rediscover your skin sensitivity and your body feeling in latex. Already after dressing a cosy warmth spreads out under the latex lingerie and encloses your whole body. With every touch, even if it is purely accidental or made by yourself, you experience a slight shiver and feel the goose bumps on your body. You imagine the hands of your partner stroking your skin and the breathtaking feeling that takes possession of you.

Let your thoughts run free and take the inspirations of the day home with you, because there you present your latex lingerie and experience all your ideas even more intensively than in your thought carousel. Latex stimulates the imagination and belongs to the materials that provide erotic moments and unforgettable experiences in love play and seduction.