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Latex hood with cat eyes and a hairpiece in rose

Tailored system latex hoods: combinable with each other

At SIMON O. you will find a well-thought-out selection of latex hoods. Whether you prefer a dominant or deviant appearance, in our online shop you will find the perfect latex hood for your fantasies.

Latex Hoods have very stimulating effects. Underneath a mask you’ll soon realize that you can enjoy erotic moments in twos even more intensively. Due to the feeling of protection triggered by the hood, the wearer loses inhibitions and trained restraints. Especially latex hoods with closed eyes enable you to experience touches more intensively.

Thanks to the one-sided chlorination of these latex hoods, they are tightened within a few seconds without pulling the hair or sticking to the face. The mask can quickly and easily be pulled into position.

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Getting to Know Latex Hoods: First Steps to enjoy the special feeling

Perhaps your partner has some reservations against latex hoods in the beginning. What you need to do first, is to talk to your partner and never, ever, try to force your wishes upon him or her. There are many reasons, why some disapprove of latex hoods, e.g. being afraid of suffocation or not liking the “anonymity” caused by the hood.

It’s important to see that it’s the person wearing the latex hood that transforms it into an erotic accessory. Similar to lingerie or high heels, a hood can hide or accentuate. Thereby it creates an aura of “mystery” and raises desires and fantasy in the subconscious mind. Another exciting aspect is the somewhat naughty and bizarre touch. However, the willingness to wear a latex hood requires mutual trust, which will further enhance the intimate atmosphere.

For beginners who still are a little unsure, a model with open eyes and mouth is definitely the best choice. That way, partners can look into each other’s eyes, which are accentuated by the hood, and can communicate with and recognize each other. One of our hoods even has a completely open face – an ideal model for first steps into the topic.

Check out our assortment together with your partner and choose the hood that you like best and that raises your desires for more.

Latex hood with closed eyes : a special kinky kick

If you have already had some experience with a latex mask, we recommend that you try out a hood with closed eyes.

For many, the closed eyes add an extra kick of kink. With a blindfold you are not tempted to open your eyes, and by renouncing your sense of sight you can perceive a new intensity of all other feelings and touches.  Even with your partner, this open signal of surrender will set a very special thrill.

Enjoy the increased sensitivity with a latex hood and, if you are still unsure, let our knowledgeable team advise you.

Put on a latex mask correctly

First of all, you certainly will not smother under a latex hood. Do not worry: you get more than enough air and you can take your mask off in seconds. To put on the hood, it is best to proceed step by step:

Hold the air, put the latex hood on the chin and cover from the front to the back. All you have to do is make sure that the mask does not slip off your chin - but that happens frequently at the beginning and is not a mishap, of course. Next, bring the holes for the nose, the mouth and the eyes into the right position which is particularly comfortable with our one-sided chlorinated latex hoods.

Simon O. Tip: Tie the hair together as close as possible to the head so that nothing gets stuck or protrudes.

Never pull your latex hood over hectically and do not get nervous. If it does not work out the first time, try it again: the main thing is, you take your time. When you wear your hood for the first time, let it sit for a few minutes and familiarize yourself with the feeling. Gradually, you will appreciate the fascination more.

Latex hoods individually customizable

The most of our latex hoods are freely configurable and you can choose to have your eyes closed, perforated or open.

There are different mouth variants to choose from. So our latex hoods are available with a closed mouth, with mouth opening for wearing inflatable latex gag, with open mouth, fellatio-mouth or with an oral condom.