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Red latex hood with perforated eyes mouth and noseholes

Latex Hoods with Micro Perforation - Zentai Latex Hoods

Latex hoods with perforated eyes - I see, I see what you don't see - apply here in every situation. It seems as if a closed smooth latex skin lies over the face, which leaves no possibility to breathe or to see anything. But through this latex hood you can breathe effortlessly and see everything. To the viewer, however, a helpless and exciting sight reveals itself, which is very bizarre.

The small innumerable holes with eyes, nose and mouth are visible only in direct proximity. The latex mask, perforated with laser technology, looks very spectacular through the fine, almost invisible perforations at eyes, mouth and nostrils. more information ...

Breathe and see through the latex hood with perforation

see = through a light veil (similar to a tights over the head) you can see and even read everything well

speak = is limited possible, but better than with hoods with closed mouth

breathing = breathing is possible without restrictions and is also given during activities

drink = If necessary, you can suck liquids through the microholes with more or less success through the mouth. Here, however, drooling is pre-programmed.

Latex Top und Shirt mit Latex Maske – immer einsatzbereit

Our skintight latex top with worked on latex hood promises you an exciting bizarre wearing experience. Or the tight fitting mask shirt for men. Countless small lasered holes allow you to see and breathe through this closed looking latex hood.

Latex top and men's shirt can also be worn without having the hood on. So you can wear the top or shirt, as you can see on the photos, also under a sweater or other clothes. These two uppers with attached latex hood can also be used as a supplement under or to other latex clothing, such as catsuits or skirts. The hood is also available with an open mouth.

TIP:In the chlorinated version the latex top and shirt are very easy to put on. Also the wearing comfort under normal clothes is much more pleasant with the chlorination.

A woman with a latex hood, sweater and leggings lies on the ground with her legs spread.