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Black shiny men's latex jogging pants with pockets

More excitement in everyday life: latex tops for above and below

We offer trendy latex jogging pants for men in various designs and colors, handmade from smooth, sheer latex. First-class quality made in Austria. Enjoy the fabulous, erotic feeling of our latex jogging pants while you’re having your coffee in the morning. Quickly slip into your latex jogging pants to pick some bread and a newspaper in the shops. How many other garments do you know of that enable men to wear latex in their everyday life? Have yourself a rest in front of the TV set an feel the smooth latex cuddling up to your body. You’re sitting in front of your computer, answering some mails? Slip into your latex pants and relax.

Of course jogging pants wouldn’t be sweatpants, if you couldn’t get sporty in them. Therefore you’ll also look awesome in those latex pants while doing sports.  more information...

How Our Latex Jogging Pants Are Made

Those pants are made from thin latex. They cuddle up to your skin and induce particularly erotic feelings. The double-trimmed waistband and the cuffs are made from thick latex. You can have the hem for your sweatpants’ drawstring in a contrasting colors. The model with useful pockets and side stripes meets all possible needs and is manufactured in highest quality.

Chlorinated Sweat Pants for more wearing comfort

Enjoy the fantastic comfort of our sweatpants, preferably in a chlorinated version. The benefits of chlorination are obvious – you can enjoy the silky comfort of pants that you can put on quickly and wash easily without the different layers sticking to each other. These are the benefits of chlorinated latex. Additionally you can choose, if you go for the chlorinated, rather matte shine or if you prefer an ultra-glossy look. Chlorinated latex has a silky, matte shine somewhat like leather. By applying a polish spray or some silicone oil you can achieve an ultra-glossy finish for the latex surface. So we recommend having your latex jogging pants chlorinated.