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Latex gloves for women and men

In our SIMON O. Latex Collection we offer a wide range of erotic latex gloves for men and women in different designs. We have used a lot of creative leeway during the development to be able to offer our customers beautiful latex gauntlets in different lengths, colours and designs.

Our glove collection made of high-quality latex offers sexy gloves for every taste and every single glove provides a certain erotic kick for the wearer and play partner. The latex material nestles tightly around the skin, forms the contours of hands and arms provocatively and feels simply wonderful when carrying and touching.    more information...


Short or long latex gloves: the right pair for every occasion

Which length you prefer for latex gloves is a very personal decision and also depends on which other garments the gloves are combined with. Both short latex gloves and long models look very seductive and since there is no dress code, the sexy gloves complement your latex clothing as a hot accessory.

SIMON O. Tip: Short latex gloves look absolutely seductive with latex uniforms with covered shoulders (short sleeves). Both the latex-covered shoulders and hands are perfectly accentuated by this combination, because the uncovered skin of the forearm and upper arm forms a great contrast to the shiny latex.

Open or closed gloves?

Also here you should consider your individual preferences (optically and haptically) and decide for a glove model which you really like. If you are still inexperienced in wearing latex clothing, latex gloves in the form of latex cuffs are very suitable, as you will have a better feeling for handling latex when putting on the skintight gloves.

Especially for women with long or pointed fingernails, open gloves and bondage mittens are less likely to be torn by the fingernails if there is no routine to put on latex gloves. For latex gloves where chlorination is not possible, we recommend the use of a latex dressing aid, which increases the lubricity of latex on the skin.

Black, coloured or colourful: Which colour looks particularly good on latex gloves?

Black latex gloves in short or long design are the classics in the field of latex clothing and therefore belong to the basic equipment. The colour black is highly erotic, gives the hand and the arm an extremely elegant silhouette and can be fantastically combined with almost all other lingerie. Of course black gloves harmonize with all colours. The high-gloss and cuddly latex accessories can be worn for example with a red latex body or a coloured latex uniform, but also look great with lighter colours such as white, pink or blue.

Also very popular are our playful latex gloves as well as gloves with applications such as ribbons, ruffles or metal rivets or metal buttons, which are especially popular in strict military dress.

Which size do I need for latex gloves?

We have included a size chart for each article so that you can add suitable gloves to your shopping basket when placing your order. With a measuring tape you can easily determine the required glove size.

Note: Size selection for Fetisso latex gloves! If you are not sure which size you need for latex gloves, we recommend that you order the smaller size, as the sizes for Fetisso are rather large.

Our latex gloves are characterized by high wearing comfort and high quality. Nevertheless, latex garments and sex toys need the right care to preserve the material and the unique wearing properties for a long time.

In our shop you get a gentle special latex detergent, which reliably removes skin scales, body excrements, grease and oil residues and cleans your latex clothes hygienically. After washing and drying, our latex shine products with silicone give your latex gloves the typical shine look.