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Latex Breath Play Mask in transparent latex

Latex Breath Play Hoods: Latex Hoods for Bondage and More

Breath control hoods made from latex are very popular in the fetish community. These latex hood most often have only one opening for breathing, while the rest of the hood is closed. Preferably the mouth is left open, but with completely closed latex hoods only the nostrils can be open, too.

A latex hood for breath control with a mouth opening inflates with exhaling and nestles against the skin with inhaling so that the opening lies flat on the mouth. For friends of “breath play” and breath control a reduced respiration through a tiny hole is extremely exciting and intimate. Especially, but not exclusively, with bondage, latex breath control is very popular. Other hoods are made with an inflatable gag. That one, too can “allow” for more or less breath, depending on its extension.

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Latex Breath Control for Individual Preferences

Many customers combine latex breath control with other bondage items such as with our latex bodysuits, strait jackets and catsuits with D-rings. The use of breath control masks always requires great trust in the partner, as this can determine when and how long you can breathe under the mask. Due to the reduced and controlled breathing, many of them feel an immense increase in pleasure and experience pure ecstasy through the adrenaline released by the body under "dangerous situations".

Especially, but not only in latex bondage practices, latex breath control is often used. Other masks are designed with an inflatable gag. This too, depending on the degree of expansion, can vary the air supply and sometimes "allow" more, sometimes less breath.