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Laced latex corset in red seen from behind

Latex corsets for women and men

The special thing about a latex corset is that it completely adapts to your body and models your curves. The latex corset is held in shape by spring steel bars. These are sewn into textile tape and dipped into liquid latex to achieve high strength and ensure that the spring steel bars can not chafe through. Whether you appreciate the feeling of lacing or simply find yourself more attractive in a corset, take a look at our latex corsets and let yourself be inspired.

Nothing emphasizes your figure and silhouette so attractively, advantageously and shapely. A latex corset unites the pleasant tightness and body closeness, which develops by a lacing, and gives you thus a completely special stretcher feeling. You automatically adopt a better and more beautiful posture when wearing a corset.   more information...

Bring your body seductively into shape: Latex corset over the clothes wear

Tightly laced latex corset in blue with buckles in front

Especially worn over a latex catsuit a latex corset looks very attractive and in combination can always create new outfits. A latex corset will significantly improve your appearance and form a beautiful waist. Lighter latex catsuit colors, like red and silver, combined with a darker bodice, make the waist look narrower and the silhouette even more exciting.

For all, which are a little further away from a visible waist, a latex corset can conceal great. You can also wear your latex corset under your clothes and enjoy the feeling of your bodice and its "belly away effect" all day long. The tighter you tie your corset, the more intensely you feel the border and the thrill of latex on your skin with every movement. In addition, a tightly laced latex corset helps you to achieve a beautiful, upright and self-confident posture.

Tip: If you wear a latex corset over latex clothing, the lacing will be easier if you first treat the inside of the corset with silicone oil. This will make the material slip more easily and you will also be less likely to damage the latex clothing underneath due to strong friction.


Latex corsets for a better figure also for men

Emphasize your masculine figure with a latex corset and lend more form to the naturally straight silhouette of the man. As a man you also like the feeling of lacing, "being embraced" and the wonderful narrowness? You simply find yourself more attractive in the corset and love the upright, strict posture that you automatically adopt when wearing a corset? Or would you like to experience lacing as a ritual together with your partner?
Our latex bodices are glued from thick latex (2 mm) and reinforced with incorporated spring steel rods. For the best possible longevity, the bodice stiffeners are sewn into textile tape and dipped into liquid latex. The spring steel rods can thus be glued directly to the latex, have an extremely high strength, and do not chafe or penetrate. A dividable zipper on the front makes it easier for you to dress.