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Skin tight shiny latex leotard in black with zipper in the crotch

Latex Leotards - Exciting cuts with a perfect fit

A latex leotard sets sexy curves and naked skin exciting in scene. The highly elastic material nestles tightly to the wearer's body to accentuate bust, bottom and waist in an exciting way. The shine of latex subtly captures light reflexes that increase the erotic kick with every movement.

A latex leotard can be worn under conventional clothing, looks great in combination with sexy jeans or hot pants and does not miss its effect when worn alone. After all, it is a lingerie that puts the female body in the limelight like hardly any other piece of clothing. The latex leotard shows skin, but at the same time covers the provocative details of the female body in a mysterious way and gives the wearer a seductive charisma.   more information...


Latex leotards are all-round talents

With a latex leotard you have an all-round talent in your wardrobe, which is not only top and panty in one, but can also be used and combined in many ways. A tight-fitting latex leotard is all around erotic and attractive to wear - whether under a pair of jeans and a blouse, or uncovered for your partner in intimate moments. In combination with a leggings, the latex leotard becomes a sexy catsuit that can be put on and taken off step by step.

For a breathtaking outfit, combine the latex leotard with a simple shirt blouse that you loosely tie together at the front. A hot pants or skinny jeans fits perfectly to this hot look. By the way, with this styling you can cleverly conceal your hip gold if you like. In the evening or during the colder months of the year, a leather jacket or jeans jacket will round off your latex outfit.

No wonder that latex leotards are not only a pleasure to wear, but also a very good choice in terms of aesthetics.

Tip for beginners: If you simply want to try out wearing latex clothing, we recommend a latex leotard  with half sleeves or sleeveless. Short-sleeved leotard or latex sports leotard are particularly easy to put on. When worn, they give you the great sensory feeling you expect from latex. Especially when you as a beginner want to try out latex clothing for the first time, you can discreetly wear the sleeveless latex leotard also under your conventional clothing without noticing it.

Latex Leotards Closed or Ouvert

The crotch of a latex leotard can be designed versatile. Make the choice, which execution the step should have:

  • Step closed
  • Step open
  • crotch zipper
  • Zipper lockable in crotch
  • with vaginal ring
  • with vaginal condom
  • with vaginal & anal condom

Vaginal and/or anal condoms can also be combined with a zipper in the intimate area. The zipper then covers the openings and the condom or condoms. Protected penetration is possible by opening the zipper.

SIMON O. offers you a fantastic selection of opaque and semi-transparent latex leotards for sensual latex adventures, hot photo shoots, BDSM sessions and revealing trend parties. Latex is a material that feels great, looks great and makes excitingly beautiful fashion possible. Innovative processing methods, outstanding latex quality and a fascinating colour palette allow every latex leotard to become a unique piece of clothing.