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A men in a shiny skin tight latex suit which oois prepared with D rings for latex bondage

Latex Suit by Simon O. : An Exciting Skin Tight Full-Body-Experience

From skintight or loose-fitting to ultra-thin: at our online shop for latex clothing you find latex suits for men in various designs. Simon himself has been wearing latex garments for more than 25 years. He puts all the experience he’s gained over the course of time into every latex suit design.

Especially for men, the “second skin” made from latex is an extraordinarily erotic experience. The suit covers your body so tightly that there’s little left to imagination. The constriction and the contact of the material to all of your skin is extremely exiting.

Simon O. Tip:  For the impatient and beginners, we have a selection of latex suit models with Express production and price advantage for you in our assortment.

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Elaborately crafted latex catsuit for men with zip through the crotch. Glossy in three-colored design

Latex Suit individually configurable

At our online shop, you will find men’s latex suits and other suits in various designs. In one color, two-colored or three colored, with codpiece and condom or a zipper in the crotch area: configure your latex suit exactly according to your wants and needs. Attached gloves, socks or masks are also available on most latex suit styles.

Experience totally new and special sensations in a latex suit with an attached latex condom or a cock ring – as an option, the cock ring can be completely hidden behind a codpiece. SIMON O. Latex suits have many details that make wearing them even more erotic. Perfect shapes and anatomically correct cuts ensure best comfort – whether you wear it for hours, or all day long. Of course, you can order all our latex suits with codpiece as made-to-measure items.

Especially popular are our specials, such as our comfortable wide latex suit models to feel good. This pleasantly latex suit you have dressed in a maximum of 10 seconds. Especially the chlorinated version will give you an unforgettable wearing experience.

Latex Suit with integrated cups for silicone breasts - transform into a real Rubberdoll

One of the highlights in this category is the very special “rubber doll latex suit for men" with integrated cups for silicone breasts. Within short time after release, it’s become the best selling suit at our shop.

This latex suit is tailored especially to men’s measurments and covers your body with anatomical perfection. With the latex suit Rubber Doll you order an exciting, sexy latex catsuit with anatomically shaped cups. Those pre-shaped cups provide a perfect pocket for silicone breasts and prevents them from slipping.

All you have to do is to select your preferred cup size. This model is made without a codpiece and therefore enables you to transform yourself into a perfect rubber doll. Aside from the cup size, we offer further options for the hood, gloves and socks to be included with your catsuit. Additionally you can choose your preferred crotch version as well.

Simon O. TIP: The Rubberdoll Suit is best used with cups from size D on. We recommend E-Cups for a particularly erotic effect.

Latex suit for men and black and red Two men in a shiny red and black full body latex suit with skintight fit

Latex Suits by Simon O. : Full-Body Sensations with Made to Measure

We gladly supply you with a made-to-measure latex suit. Get the best out of 20 years of experience, in which we’ve created thousands of designs completely by hand. Having been latex lovers for years, your SIMON O. team knows exactly what a latex catsuit should feel like. We put all of our experience into your custom order.

Latex is flexible and therefore a standard size will fit in most cases – when in doubt, simply try a smaller size, so that the material will tightly cover your skin and thus maximize the comfortable effect.

However, in case you’re struggling with store sizes when buying regular clothes, too (e.g. because you’ve got a rather long torso, or very short or very long legs), you should consider a made-to-measure latex suit. Because: the better it fits, the longer you will enjoy your suit.

A man in a skintight black latex suit with hood and a red latex mask

Express Latex Suit: with exchange warranty and price advantage

Since the Express Latex Suits are made by SIMON O. to stock, we can also easily offer an exchange for these items, if something should not fit as desired.

Within 7 working days of ordering, your latex suit will be made and sent to you in neutral packaging. Unpack and just enjoy the new latex suit.

Just contact our customer service and we will try to find the right replacement item for you and send it to you as soon as we receive your return.

If your usual clothing sizes simply do not really suit you, use our offer of a custom-made product: For an extra charge, we will manufacture individual latex clothing, exactly drawn to your body measurements, cut and glued.

Wide chlorinated latex suits : relax at home or quick fun in between

Discover our wide comfortable latex suits for men. Whether at home to relax, for quick fun in between, or as a sporty tracksuit for the morning jogging. Especially in the rain a breathtaking feeling. A loosely cut latex suit which you can use as a home suit or pajamas to feel good and relax. Or just as you like, quickly dressed in between for sensual moments in latex.

Excellent workmanship and fit guarantee long-lasting pleasure with this cosplay suit made of latex, which should not be missing in your wardrobe. The chlorinated version is particularly suitable for these wide latex suits. To put on extremely fast, easy to wash and low maintenance costs are good arguments for the chlorinated variant. 

These suits are equipped with a zip in the crotch, drawstring at the hood, double edged waistband, reinforced leg cuffs and cuffs and depending on the model also with pockets.