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Shiny black latex hood with red lips

Latex hood with system : flexibility in configuring your latex hood

At SIMON O. you will find a well-thought-out selection of latex hoods. Whether you prefer a dominant or deviant appearance, in our online shop you will find the perfect latex hoods for your fantasies. All of our products are made by hand of high quality, fine latex.  Latex hoods are a highly sensual addition to your latex outfit, or even a completely stand-alone accessory. Slip into another role and experience an unrestrained erotic game between anonymity and familiarity with a latex hood. SIMON O. stands for quality, expertise and discretion in the field of latex fashion. Thanks to years of experience in the field of latex and fetish clothing, we can tailor our products accurately to the wishes and needs of our customers. 

Simon O. Masks with system:  Our Latex Hood Collection system is designed to allow maximum flexibility in combining and configuring your latex hood. 

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One side chlorinated latex hoods without zip - tightened in seconds

Not only is our system new, but also the special surface finish of our latex hoods. They are chlorinated on the inside which allows you to put on the latex mask within two to three SECONDS. On the outside you still have the glossy look and feel of latex in its original state.

We have developed a system which allows us to offer almost all of our latex masks with free one-sided chlorination. All latex hoods are made this way when possible. Especially when it comes to latex hoods, the feel plays a very important role. This special type of chlorination offers many advantages for you.

• Manufacture of latex hoods without zipper for more comfort.

By manufacturing our System Latex hood without Zip the wearing comfort increases many times over. Thanks to the one-sided chlorination of these latex hoods, they are tightened within a few seconds without pulling the hair or sticking to the face. The hood can quickly and easily be pulled into position.

• Fantastic wearing feeling of latex masks

Simply hold one of our latex hoods in your hand and you will immediately notice the difference. The inside is smooth and gliding in combination with the untreated outside, the latex features a glossy shine as you know it. A sparkling new feel that will inspire you.

• Repairs are still possible due to one-sided chlorination

If your latex hood has any damage, we can still repair it on the non-chlorinated outside. Visually, this repair is not as appealing as we have to do the repair work on the outside of the hood.

If the latex hood is a total loss and you opt for a new purchase, then you can continue to use existing accessories and do not have to buy them again.

IMPORTANT INFO: Processed System Latex Hoods Almost all latex hoods from this series can be worked on our latex clothing. For the intended catsuits, dresses or latex tops, the selection is available as a dropdown. In this case, we have to make the latex hood with Zipp, because it is not technically possible otherwise. A one-sided chlorination is also NOT possible in this case.

• No more trapped hair in the zip

The silky-smooth interior makes it possible to put on the latex hood within seconds. The mask does not pull unpleasantly on the hair or stick to the face. Since there is no zipper, there is no risk of trapping any hair in the zipper.

Our Latex Hood System - How the system works

The basic idea is to be able to use our latex hoods time and time again or to combine them with existing accessories. Our latex hoods collection consists of different basic models.

These latex hoods are supplemented with accessories such as tubes for the hair and extra hair pieces. This accessory can be combined with any of our latex hoods from the system. You always buy just the desired basic model and use existing tubes or hairpieces with each hood. If you have a latex hood in red with ponytail you can change the ponytail from black to blonde or purple, or even completely remove the hair piece.

The Latex Hoods basic models can always be ordered without a hair piece or with a reinforced recess for receiving one or two hairpieces.

Latex mask with hair outlet for own hair

Replaceable latex tube for all latex masks - hairpiece holder

The tube is the small round part which receives the hairpiece. It is made with a strong latex plate made of 2.5 mm latex and can easily be changed in a few seconds or completely removed.

We offer different tubes for changing. From monochrome to bi-colour and rhinestones, you can use any of these tubes with all of our latex hoods which have been configured to accept a tube. These are all models which have PT1 or PT2 in the article number which are shown with hairpiece.

In addition, we also offer you decorative additions for the tubes, which fit on all tubes and can be changed.

Replaceable latex hairpieces suitable for all latex hoods

You can use our high-quality hairpieces with plinths with any of our tubes. If you opt for a new latex hood, you can already use existing hairpieces and tubes which you may already have at home.

Switch from black to blonde or red and give your latex hood a new look. Or adjust your latex hood to match your latex wardrobe.

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What size suits me with latex hoods from SIMON O.

The very appealing new cut of our latex hoods promise not only the erotic look but also best wearing comfort. In order to be able to offer a matching latex hood for every size head, we now have five different sizes from XS to XL in our assortment. Our latex masks are made of 0.25 mm - 0.40 mm latex thickness and are made without a zip. Thanks to one-sided chlorination, they can be put on in seconds.

  • Latex hood: XS fits neck circumference from 29-32 cm / head circumference: 50-53 cm
  • Latex hood:: S fits neck circumference of 32-35 cm / head circumference: 53-55 cm
  • Latex hood:: M fits neck circumference of 35-39 cm / head circumference: 55-58 cm
  • Latex hood:: fits L neck circumference of 39-44 cm / head circumference: 59-62 cm

Get to know the latex hood: first steps for beginners

Maybe your partner has never experimented with latex hoods. First off, you should strike up a conversation about latex but never force him or her with your wishes. For beginners who are still unsure, a model with open eyes and mouth is certainly the best choice.

This way, partners can look each other in the eyes, which are emphasized by the hood. They communicate through the looks and learn to read each other. One of our hoods is even open-face - an ideal model to approach the subject. Just look around in our assortment and choose a latex hood whose shape and colour you like and makes you want more.

SIMON O. Info: The innovative one-sided chlorination of our latex hoods gives you a particularly comfortable wearing experience. Even beginners can put on our latex masks in a few seconds.