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Shiny latex shorts in blue with crotch zipper

Latex Shorts - Petite Pleasures

Oftentimes, brevity indeed is the soul of wit: for latex novices, latex shorts for men are a favorite item. Changing from casual, textile boxer shorts to petite latex shorts doesn’t seem to be that big a thing. But yet, you’re sure to experience a thrill already at your first trial fitting and a pleasure of wearing these shorts that lasts all day long. We offer latex shorts with zippers, fly fronts or with completely open crotch areas.

Choose what’s most comfortable and exciting for you. All our latex shorts are anatomically shaped in the crotch area. But still, they provide you with this pleasant constriction you only get from latex. Aside from our latex pants, discover boxer shorts, briefs and thongs for men at SIMON O. As usual, there are many options for you to select aside from color and material thickness, e.g. openings and closings.   more information..

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Men's latex shorts from the manufacture SIMON O.

Make your choice between holes and zippers, integrated condoms or even attached dildos. Choose between vibrant colors, classy black or seductive, transparent latex. You can freely configure our latex shorts in order to get exactly that product, that fires-up your imagination and that you’ll enjoy for many years to come.

Additionally, you can have your pants chlorinated or made to measure. With our precise products that are made according to your measures at the SIMON O. manufactory, we guarantee a unique shape, first-class fit an individual solutions. In case of any questions or special requests concerning one of our latex shorts for men, don’t hesitate to contact our customer service. We’ll do our best to realize your wishes.

Also check out our latex care section, to find the right washing solutions and care products for your latex shorts and boxers. The more attentive you are about cleaning, the longer you can enjoy your latex shorts.

Latex Shorts with codpiece and cock ring

Latex lovers find all they seek in our men’s latex shorts collection. Enjoy the feeling you get from smooth latex nestling against your skin in our latex men’s underwear collection – no matter if you’re at work or at a party. Our latex pants with removable codpiece are extremely popular. Hidden behind the codpiece there’s a cock ring or a latex condom – depending on what you prefer. You can have your condom either closed or open with an integrated tube.