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tight shiny red latex skirt in combination with a latex blouse

The latex skirt : versatile combinations

The latex skirt is a classic and especially suitable for the first experiences with latex clothing very well. It offers you a very high wearing comfort, is very easy to put on, accentuates your feminine curves and can be worn for almost every occasion.
No matter if you are looking for a short or a long latex skirt - you will find a selected assortment of latex skirts. By the right choice of form and skirt length you determine how you present your female charms and how much skin you want to show. The SIMON O. Latex skirt collection has beautiful models ready for you - from the sexy latex mini skirt over a latex skirt in uniform style up to the long pencil skirt.
Here you can find out which skirt types are available and how to combine a latex skirt elegantly in everyday life. 

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Latex mini skirt: independent piece of clothing and practical addition

Women with High Heels and a latex mini skirt in black

Latex mini skirt as an independent piece of clothing:

A latex mini skirt lies skin tight and often only barely covers the bottom. When walking, a latex mini skirt guarantees a lot of legroom without slipping up. In combination with high heels you will twist the head of every man with this sharp skirt. Wear the latex mini skirt as an independent piece of clothing in combination with normal textile clothing or sexy sexy lingerie with stockings. High heels or overknee boots go very well with the latex mini skirt. Both shoe variants extend the legs and complement the sexy mini skirt.

Latex mini skirt as a practical addition to the latex outfit:

With a latex mini skirt you can also perfectly complete your existing latex outfit. Especially over latex pantyhose, leggings or latex catsuits which are open in the crotch or have a zipper you can hide this area elegantly. Nevertheless, the crotch area is always and quickly accessible.

If you combine it with a waist cincher or a wide belt in the same colour, you will get a completely new look.

Knee-length latex skirt : elegant and sexy at the same time

Latex skirts which go up to the knee or end just above it can be easily combined in everyday life also with usual clothes. Set an individual highlight for special occasions. With a blouse or an elegant shirt in combination with a jacket you defuse the erotic effect of the latex skirt. In any case, high heels are appropriate to combine with it. The more elegant and high-quality these look the more elegant and fashionable your latex skirt will look.

But also in combination with other latex clothes you can create an elegant sexy look. A skintight latex top or a latex blouse fit perfect in comibination with a knee lenght latex skirt.

women lying on the floor with a shiny knee lenght latex skirt and High heels

Tellerrock und A Rock: Perfekt bei sehr schmaler Taille

Plate skirt and A skirt: Perfect with very narrow waist

Plate skirts and skirts with an A shape sit body-hugging at the waist and spread out downwards in a wide and loosely falling way. Thus this skirt form is an all-rounder, which can be worn with small bottom, but also with luxuriant bottom and strong thighs in the best way. A body-hugging top that fits snugly to the hip is a great addition to this latex plate skirt. To such a skirt it is also possible to wear fashionable jackets, overknees and casual shoes like sneakers.

Long skirts & latex skirts flared below

Long latex skirts are suitable for all figure types and can be absolute figure flatterers, because they cover slender as well as strong body areas well. With a wider waist, the waistband should be worn as high as possible.

Another attractive form is the flared latex skirt, which can be worn either knee-length, ankle-length or floor-length. Up to the knees, the skirt lies tighter in the upper area, while it falls further in the calf area. If you want to wear a longer latex skirt, but at the same time show your beautiful leg, we recommend a latex skirt that is flared at the bottom or open at the front.

Latex skirt : Advantages compared to a normal wetlook skirt

A latex skirt inspires in any case with a high wearing comfort. The constant plucking and pulling, as most women know it from a textile wetlook skirt, is completely eliminated because the surface of latex adheres to the skin. Especially with a latex mini skirt the skirt stays where it was positioned when walking. Whether you bend forward, walk at a fast pace or sit at the dining table, your skirt stays in place and ensures a perfect fit.

You can also look forward to the Latex Skirt with an extremely pleasant wearing comfort in the waist area. Latex is very elastic, whereby the skirt waistband always adapts to the respective situation and follows every movement effortlessly.

Note: Please do not chlorinate the latex mini skirt, so that exactly the above mentioned properties are retained.