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Elegant ladies latex mini dress with lapel collar

The latex dress for ladies - elegance and coquetry in latex

Extraordinary elegance, exciting sex appeal, sensual eroticism or playful coquetry: these are latex dresses in all their variety from the SIMON O. collection. A latex dress is particularly suitable for newcomers to latex fashion to get to know the material.
The SIMON O. Latex Dresses collection includes a sensual and erotic selection of different latex dresses. A latex dress differs in style and colour, but also in length and cut. Each latex dress of the SIMON O. collection seduces with its own charm and wraps the body in high-quality, professionally processed shiny latex. Latex dresses are absolutely popular with experienced latex wearers. Because a latex dress emphasizes the female curves in a particularly charming way.

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A latex dress : Pure extravagance and sensuality

A high-gloss skin tight latex dress pleases the eye of every observer; at the same time the feeling when touching latex awakens hot fantasies, because the haptic impressions arouse while wearing and touching.

Latex dresses are absolutely popular with beginners as well as experienced latex wearers. The latex dress in particular emphasises the feminine curves in a particularly attractive way. The erotic garments are also perfect for entering the world of latex, as latex dresses can be put on quickly and more easily than skintight latex trousers and latex suits, depending on the cut.

SIMON O. Latex dresses nestle snugly against the body to emphasise the body proportions in a sexy way. The latex is highly elastic, so that the material fits perfectly to the breasts, stomach, bottom, arms and thighs. This creates a special effect: the elastic rubber compensates for any unevenness in the body while at the same time ensuring that the body is almost perfectly shaped.

The body curves are placed in a fantastic relationship of light and shadow. With every movement a subtle play of light is created; the latex dress stages the feminine curves in a breathtaking way. In addition, the excitement of wearing and enjoying latex clothing is enhanced by the typical wet look and the characteristic latex smell.

Elegant latex mini dress in pink with lapel collar

Model: Honeyhair Photo: Nikitzo

Putting on a latex dress - care and storage of latex dresses

Our selection of latex dresses includes shoulderless mini dresses, latex mini dresses with neckholder or with closed neck and long sleeves as well as long, tight-fitting evening dresses in V-line or A-line. Shoulder-free short dresses made of latex are very easy to put on, even for inexperienced latex wearers, by getting into the dress with your feet and then pulling it upwards into position. A zipper at the back is therefore usually not necessary.

With longer as well as with high-closed latex dresses a zipper hides itself in the back area, which hardly attracts attention due to the colour matching to the latex colour. The zipper makes it relatively easy to put on the latex dress. However, a little help with dressing can't do any harm if, for example, you have to open and close the zipper on your back.

In order to increase the sliding ability of the latex on the skin, latex dresses can optionally be ordered with chlorination. This special treatment of the rubber simplifies in particular the dressing of latex catsuits and high-necked as well as long-sleeved latex dresses, since the chlorination greatly reduces the adhesive property of the rubber. However, you should familiarize yourself with the advantages and disadvantages of chlorination before choosing a chlorine-treated latex dress. More information about chlorination of latex fashion can be found here.

Latex fashion needs appropriate care so that the latex retains its unique properties for a long time and your latex dress looks beautiful even after a longer period of time. Especially for the cleaning and care of latex we offer you high-quality latex care products, which range from latex detergents to latex lubricants to latex gloss spray. The care line is optimally matched to the care needs of latex and preserves the excellent properties of latex when used correctly.
In order to store your latex dresses properly when travelling or at home and to protect them from damage, you will find suitable clothing bags from SIMON O. here.

Latex dress with made-to-measure by Simon O.

>Would you like to order a made-to-measure latex dress? No problem! SIMON O. is your expert for made-to-measure latex clothing, which also takes special body measurements and body proportions into account.
With our online dimension sheet we offer you the possibility to have individual latex dresses made, which flatter your body like a second skin.

Latex dress for men with made-to-measure production

Latex dresses are mainly worn by women. But also many men like to slip into the female role and live out their sensual feminine side in an elegant latex dress. Here you should absolutely consider a custom-made. Since the body proportions of men sometimes deviate strongly from the proportions of the female body and do not match the ready-made sizes of the ladies, we also offer custom-made latex clothing in addition to standard dress sizes.
In order to order your individual tailor-made latex dress, you can enter more than 20 different measurements in the online dimension sheet, for example.
We will manufacture your latex dress according to your wishes and measurements.
SIMON O. Tip: Ask a second person to help you determine your body measurements to prevent measurement errors. When making a latex dress to measure, we are dependent on you measuring the measurements correctly. We recommend that you check all measurements for correctness using the online measurement sheet before ordering. You can find further tips for measuring tailor-made latex fashion here.

Important information of size selection for latex dresses

Latex is extremely elastic and has excellent snug-fitting properties. Our latex dresses are made to standard sizes. If you can use normal dress sizes in traditional fashion, please order your latex dress according to your clothing size. Our size chart will help you determine the right dress size for your latex dress.


Latex maid dress and latex uniforms

Sexy latex dress in uniform look
Uniform latex dress for women in military style
Uniform latex dress for ladies
Skin tight military latex mini dress
Latex french mais dress in black with white apron
Latex nurse dress for ladies

Are you interested in hot role-playing games? In the SIMON O. online shop we have not only latex uniforms ready for you, but also latex maid dresses, highly elegant dresses with bows, collars and latex aprons as well as frill trimming. If you would like to surprise your partner with a coquette maid look for housework, we offer you in our latex shop besides the latex dress in maid design also matching latex gloves.
The maid outfit is just as established in the latex scene as the transparent nurse look, at which sight every man wishes to be urgently cared for by the nurse. Both the chambermaid dress and the latex dress for nurses are dreamlike to look at with the playful decorations. The ruffles, arm cuffs and hem are in a contrasting colour to the main colour of the dress; the nurse look is inspired by colourful symbols that stimulate the imagination in role-playing.

Latex dress in your favourite colours: Since we only manufacture latex dresses after we have received your order, you can use our configurator to select the colour of the dress and, in the case of multi-coloured dresses, the contrast colours during the ordering process.


Latex dresses from our collection