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Shiny latex monokini in blue with white

Wetlook Monokini

Order number: BODY-1

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US $ 133.54

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5-6 weeks production time + delivery time

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Latex monokini - Shiny swimwear This monokini made of latex should not be missing in any...more

Latex monokini - Shiny swimwear

This monokini made of latex should not be missing in any bathing bag. Enjoy the cuddly material and experience the special kick of latex on your skin while swimming. The sexy neckline in the back area in combination with the shiny material makes this latex monokini to something special.

Experience the unique feeling of latex in combination with water on your skin. A special highlight is when you step out of the water and the drops simply roll off the surface.

But not only in the swimming pool or on the beach this shiny string swimsuit cuts a good figure. The Monokini can also be combined well with everyday clothes, such as hot pants or jeans.

And for fun at home it is possible to choose a zip in the crotch as an option.

Zipper at crotch for latex monokini

The latex monokini is available in many colour combinations. Made of fine latex for best wearing comfort and high elasticity for a skin-tight fit. All edges are edged.

TIP: For the use in water and on the beach we recommend the chlorinated version. Water rolls off faster. Dirt and sand will not stick.

Shown latex monokini:

  • Color 1: Pearlsheen Blue
  • Contrast color: white
  • Zipp: without crotch zipper
  • Material thickness: 0.25 - 0-35 mm


The mannequin wears a latex body in the size SMALL and has the following measurements

  • Chest: 87 cm
  • Waist: 68 cm
  • Buttocks: 89 cm
Chlorination information

Experience the awesome wearing comfort of our latex clothing by choosing the chlorinated version. Chlorination has nothing done with the shiny surface of the material.

Advantages are simple and clear:
Quick dressing without aid

Chlorination makes the surface smooth and silky. The latex slides on your skin and can be put on without any aid like silicone oil or talcum powder. Therefore chlorinated latex is especially suitable for clothes that are very large and laborous to put on - for example latex catsuits. The effect unfortunately disappears if the skin is clammy or if the skin was previously creamed.

No sticking-together

The latex clothing does neither stick together in the wet state nor in the dry state. This can spare your nerves and faciliate the handling. It is possible to polish the clothes in a tumble dryer using cold air and a soft towel. A basic shininess will appear. Despite this fact, a deep action care with silicone oil is strongly recommended.

Suitable for allergy sufferer:

Via chlorination latex can be conditioned to be suitable for allergy sufferer or to be more suitable than unchlorinated latex. This can be explained with the deterioration of the allergenic protein that is encased in the latex.

Increased life period

Untreated latex features so-called double bonds among the carbon backbone of the material. These bonds can be recognized as "docking site" for radicals which can strongly damage latex or decrease the longevity. During chlorination up to 70% of these double bonds are removed and the chemical durability of your rubber is increased.

But there are also a few disatvantages:
Repairs difficult / impossible

The biggest disadvantage: Only thick latex garments can be sometimes repaired in a satisfactory way by the „grinding method“.

Change of haptics

The material becomes thougher and stiffer. At the beginning the effect can be clearly felt, but over time and by wearing the material it will become softer. Due to the changed haptics the material appears to be of higher thickness than comparable, untreated rubber. A thin catsuit made of 0.25 mm latex will be perceived like a catsuit made of 0.35 mm latex.

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