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Shiny latex shirt for men. two colors with Simon O. Logo

Latex Shirts for every taste - from skintight to elegant

A latex shirt is a very versatile piece of clothing especially in the latex world of men. Since you can wear it simply and on request also absolutely inconspicuously under your usual clothes, it is basically an erotic must-have for every day. If you don't want to miss the feeling of skintight latex on your skin (anymore), you will probably find a daily reason to grab a latex shirt. A Latex shirts nestle discreetly and tingling against your body.
At SIMON O. you will find latex shirts and shirts in a wide range of designs and sizes from X-Small to XXX-Large - so rest assured that you will find what you are looking for. You can even order some of our latex shirts and shirts with express delivery. Since we have our topsellers in stock in all common sizes, it is possible for us to ship them much faster.   

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Elegant Latex Shirts for men: business look meets exclusivity

Shiny latex shirt in silver combined with a tight latex jeans

A shirt is clearly one of the classic items of clothing for men. Whether in the office or for a festive occasion, hardly any male wardrobe can do without these dressing companions. This makes it all the more interesting to experiment with new materials in the area of shirts. The latex shirt is a daring attempt to combine the usual elegant business chic of a textile shirt with the unique texture and feel of latex. But if you are ready for something special, it will give you a trendy and stylish appearance.

The right material thickness is crucial here. The shirt must feel compact and yet fall loosely enough to imitate the body-playing characteristics of a fabric shirt. Our SIMON O. Manufaktur, we have taken up this challenge and created exclusive, exciting and attractive latex shirts with which you will stand out and convince in various situations. By the way: A latex shirt is of course 100% non-iron.
Due to its high-quality workmanship, the latex shirt sits as it should, falls beautifully and yet is restrained by its design. It goes best with ordinary jeans or even business trousers - and don't shy away from combining it with a tie!