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Proper care for your latex clothes - Tips for dressing and important information

Latex Dressing Aid from beGloss with Shiny Latex Catsuit

Wash latex clothes properly!

It is best to wash you wash your latex clothing in the hand basin or in the bathtub. For the right care, wash the garments briefly in lukewarm water with a special latex detergent (no spicy detergent, dishwashing detergent or other household cleaners!).

Fill a bucket with lukewarm water and add a teaspoon of silicone oil. Whisk the mixture by hand. Wash the clothes piece by piece for a few seconds in the mixture. Let it drip off and your latex clothing will not stick. With this method you achieve an even shine on the latex surface.
Please do not treat clothing embedded with silicone oil with powder, as the silicone binds the powder and smears the surface and is therefore not nice to look at.
Wash latex clothes in the washing machine.
Latex care in the washing machine please do only with caution and the correct settings.

  • Maximum 30 degrees
  • No skidding!
  • Use special detergent for latex
  • Pour depth maintainer into the softener tank!

Carefully fill the washing machine. Latex clothing is heavy and the washing machine is quickly overfilled. Check the correct settings. Usually a wool program is the right choice. Add a latex detergent and our Amor All deep cleanser to the fabric softener. The Amor All prevents the latex clothes from sticking in the washing machine. Afterwards you can wash normal clothes again. If you put silicone oil in the fabric softener container, you should allow the washing machine to run empty with detergent at 60 degrees. This way you can remove silicone oil residues for subsequent washing cycles.

ATTENTION: This does not belong in the washing machine.

  • Latex bodice
  • Latex bra with metal underwire
  • Latex Belt
  • Latex clothing with lots of metal or large metal rings
  • The separation of white and coloured laundry also applies to latex clothing.

Latex clothes in laundry dryer. Is that possible?

Latex clothes in the clothes dryer is really only meant for professional applications, because you could contaminate the dryer with powder or silicone oil for subsequent clothes. And also here applies what is not suitable for the washing machine should also not be in the dryer. For everyone who wants to try it out the most important rule is. Yes not too hot. Please dry only with cold air or with extremely little temperature.

We do not take over guarantee for seams which come up by improper washing or drying. Put a towel in the dryer for the first few minutes to absorb excess water. Please check in advance if the towel makes the latex dull when rubbing.

TIP: Spray the wet clothes with beGloss Perfect Shine and leave to dry in the dryer for 10-15 minutes without an additional towel. The result is a perfectly shiny dreamlike surface.

Washing latex clothes for a repair

You have a repair of your latex clothing and want to have it professionally done by us, so please send it FREE of silicone oil and only powdered to us. In our workshops oily garments have lost nothing. Wash your latex clothes until they are free of silicone oil residues. In order to prevent a sticking together, powder absolutely.

TIP: Take a large plastic bag (garbage bag), put your latex clothes with a small towel and some powder inside. Shake vigorously to make the powder settle evenly on your latex clothing. Too much powder? Repeat this procedure. This time into a new sack without powder and with a new towel.

Washing and Care of Chlorinated Latex Clothing

In terms of care, chlorinated latex articles are easier to handle. Chlorinated clothing is washed just like untreated latex clothing. After washing, your clothes can no longer stick together. It dries faster and is easier to handle. After drying, it is not absolutely necessary to use a clothes helper. However, the surface must be treated again with a shining agent such as Perfect Shine from begloss. Care products for a high-gloss surface do not last as long on chlorinated latex clothing as on latex clothing without chlorination. The biggest disadvantage of chlorinated latex is that it can hardly be repaired at all if something should break.

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How do I store my latex clothing correctly?

Latex clothing also needs nutrients like leather Washed and dry latex clothing should be treated with suitable silicone oil to keep it supple and shiny. Silicone oil prevents the latex clothing from sticking together during storage and makes it easier to put on. Silicone oil also gives the latex clothing the desired shine effect and is dermatologically tested and very kind to the skin. Latex care is also essential for chlorinated latex clothing. Chlorinated clothing can also be stored without silicone oil. However, chlorinated latex should also be cared for from time to time with a little silicone oil. This can penetrate into the depths and ensures that your latex clothing remains supple.

Latex clothing should be stored cool and dark

Latex clothing and other latex articles should be stored in a dark place. Never expose latex clothing to sunlight for longer than necessary. The UV rays contained in the sunlight damage the material in the long term and make it matt and grey. Dark storage is therefore very important. In our online shop you will also find garment bags for special storage of particularly large items of clothing such as latex catsuits or latex dresses.

So that your clothes do not discolor, you should also note the following

Please also note that latex clothing does not come into contact with other textiles, metal objects or other coloured latex articles, as this can lead to unattractive discolourations and stains. Particular attention should be paid to light latex paints.


What do I have to do to make my latex clothes shine beautifully?

Specially developed sprays and polishes are used to give latex a high gloss. The viscosity of these sprays is specially adjusted to the shine and they penetrate deep into the latex. In order to bring latex laundry to a high gloss and to obtain a beautiful surface, we have made the best experiences with beGloss Perfect Shine in combination with the special microfiber cloth from beGloss. This care cloth differs from conventional microfibre cloths.

CAUTION: Do not use conventional microfibre cloths. These rough up the latex. AMOR ALL is also a shine and care product available in pump spray which has been used by us for shining latex clothing for more than 20 years. We also use AMOR ALL for machine washing in the fabric softener cycle.

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How do I put on my latex clothes correctly?

How do I put on my latex clothes correctly?
Here are a few tips on how to handle your latex clothing when dressing. Especially beginners often have a hard time with skintight latex clothes like latex catsuits or tight latex leggings. Long fingernails can cause considerable damage when put on. Therefore, please make sure that the nails are not used when tightening (take them flat in your hand) and make sure that the nails do not drill into the material. To be on the safe side, use a little more of a dressing aid at the beginning to put on your latex catsuit. With enough silicone oil between your garment and your skin you can easily strip your catsuit afterwards. Always with light pressure and a flat hand.

TIP: You may want to put on cotton gloves to avoid damage caused by nails drilling into them. When taking off latex clothing, damage can also occur. Especially if you take off the garment, especially a catsuit, under the shower or in the bathtub. A latex catsuit is a lot of fun in the bathtub. The material slips then particularly on the skin and gets easily out of control with which it can come to overstretching.

CAUTION: Clothes with worked on socks or latex stockings are very slippery when combined with water.

Silicone oil to help put on latex clothing

The easiest way to get into skintight latex clothing is to use a dressing aid. The best is to use specially developed silicone oil. The use of silicone oil has a pleasant side effect. It cares for the skin and makes it pleasantly supple. This special silicone oil is a product which is used in the cosmetics industry. Absolutely odourless, tasteless and dermatologically tested, it has excellent caring properties and is ideal as a lubricant and massage oil and, of course, for slippery play with latex.

Application of silicone oil - either directly on the skin or on clothing

Apply the silicone oil directly to the skin like a body lotion. Then put on your latex catsuit or leggings. Or you can turn over your garment and apply the dressing aid to the inside of your latex garment. Here you can also use a little more for known narrow places such as arms or legs and thus influence the gliding effect better.

CAUTION: Do not apply silicone oil to the foot area of latex stockings. Otherwise they will slip back and forth too much in the foot section. In addition the danger increases that your toes drill through the latex and cause damage, because you slip further and further forward.

Why you should use silicone oil for transparent latex clothing?

Silicone oil should be used especially for transparent latex clothing. The transparency only really comes to the fore when you treat transparent latex clothing with silicone oil. For our photo shootings we only use silicone oil. This is how we achieve the best results in the appearance of our photographed latex clothing.

Dressing the latex clothes with powder

Powder or talcum can also be used for dressing as an alternative to silicone oil. Some do not like or need a high gloss and enjoy the pleasantly dry, slippery feel of latex treated with powder. The previously silicone oil-free and powdered latex clothing can then easily be put on with talcum. With this method it is very important to slip quickly into the latex clothing. Your skin must also be completely dry! If you sweat too much when dressing, it will be difficult and without silicone almost nothing works anymore.

Put on chlorinated latex clothes

The chlorination makes the surface of the latex clothing smooth and silky. Latex then glides on the skin like silk and can be put on without any aids such as silicone oil or talcum. Chlorinated latex clothing is therefore an interesting alternative, especially for large and elaborately dressed garments such as a latex catsuit.

ATTENTION: The gliding effect is lost if the skin is too moist (sweating) or has been previously creamed. In this case you can still help with a little bit of silicone oil.

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Latex clothes can discolour! What should I watch out for?

Be careful with copper and all non-ferrous metals! Your latex clothing discolours quickly. Be careful with all metal parts, accessories, costume jewellery, jeans buttons, money, belt buckles, jewellery and shoes! These discolorations can no longer be removed. With transparent or light-coloured clothing (white, pink, manequine) it can happen that some other garments release colour pigments which also cause unattractive stains on your latex garment. You should also be careful with body care products and perfume and not associate it directly with clothing. Theatre make-up is also harmful in any case. This contains extremely many fatty substances, destroys and discolours the latex.

Can I wear latex under normal clothing?

Wearing latex under normal clothing is a very exciting thing. However, the material becomes matt at the places where it comes into contact with the textile fabric (knee area or elbow) and can no longer be made to shine permanently. The best care with silicone will not help. Due to this wear and tear, the material becomes more susceptible to stretching after frequent wear at the worn areas.

How do plastics behave with plasticizers and latex?

Some plastics contain plasticizers which can destroy the latex. Toys made of silicone or other soft materials (dildos and the like) should not come into contact with the material for too long. Do not leave such items on clothing overnight. The material starts to wave at this point and then becomes brittle after a while. Care should also be taken with some plastic clothes hangers.

How long does my clothing last with proper latex care?

With the right storage and good latex care you will enjoy your clothes for many years. If you follow the simple rules such as not too much sunlight, dark storage, no grease or oil and always wash after wearing, your latex clothing can last for more than ten years. The lifespan depends on the care you give your latex clothing. In addition to the right latex care, the lifespan also depends on how often the clothing is worn and how much it is stressed.

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