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Push up Latex Leggings for men

Men's latex leggings: shiny skin tight pleasure experience

Latex leggings are pleasurable to wear for men as well: be it secretly under jeans or dress suit trousers or as a tempting feature garment at a party or at home. The feeling of a smooth pair of leggings made from sheer latex on your skin stimulates all your nerves and means pure excitement.

You can choose your size, the length of your legs, the waistband height, waist width and, of course the color of your leggings. With most items, you can even choose the material thickness. Moreover, we offer various options for the anal area and different versions of built in condoms.

Simon O.  Individual:   Many of our men's leggings are fully configurable  ...read more


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Latex Leggings for Men – Configure Your Dream Piece

With men’s leggings you have further options concerning different openings. The crotch area can be made closed, or with a regular or lockable zipper. There are also many condoms and cock rings available in the crotch area of the latex leggings. Additionally you can configure your leggings in the anal area. Choose between a condom, a zipper or a simple hole. Enjoy the feeling of a secretly rising excitement, no matter, where you are.

Latex leggings are a must have for every latex lover due to their versatility in use. Exciting, exceptional, for erotic hours in twos or alone: These latex pants perfectly accentuate your butt and have anatomically correct codpieces for a perfect fit. That way, these pants provide enough space while being comfortably tight at the same time – exactly that double-edged feeling which men love about skintight latex clothes.

Simon O. Tip: Our push up latex leggings for men  with go zipper from waistband to waistband. These latex pants accentuate your butt perfectly and have an anatomical genital bulge for a perfect fit. So the pants offers enough space and at the same time it narrows you comfortably - exactly what men love about latex latex clothing.

Men's latex leggings : made to measure for a perfect fit

At Simon O.’s online shop you can order most latex leggings to be made to measure. Simply enter your measures together with your order and you can expect that you will receive a perfectly fitting piece. Do you know your standard size? In that case, you can use this one to order your item – and some items in our collection even with express delivery

Thanks to many years of experience as latex experts, our team at SIMON O. knows exactly what it takes to create perfectly fitting, attractive latex garments. Our men’s latex leggings were developed by men who designed and crafted them according to their own experiences. 

This way, we ensure not only realistic shapes, but also all of our new exciting extras and options for our customers, so that they can get as close to their dream piece as possible. Of course we always try to cater to special requests, too – don’t hesitate to contact us.