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A woman with a swimwear outfit in the shape of a shiny latex body in black

Your special appearance with latex swimsuits

A latex bikini or latex swimsuit guarantees you one of the most exciting bathing outfits there is. The material is excellent for water, absorbs nothing and is dry immediately after bathing pleasure.

Do you love latex clothing and enjoy it when admiring glances take your body in their sights? Then a latex swimsuit is the perfect outfit if you lie by the pool, spend your holidays on the beach or go spontaneously to the lake for a swim in summer. Of course, your latex bikini will give you additional benefits. Neither does your bikini slip, nor do you have to wait a long time until your swimsuit is dry. Because on the shiny smooth surface the water rolls off immediately, so that the latex swimwear does not get wet, as it is known from textile bikinis.     more information...


We recommend chlorinating the latex swimwear

Red shiny Baywatch swimwear latex body

On the entire SIMON O. latex swimwear collection, we offer chlorination of the garments at an extra charge. Chlorination changes the material properties of the latex surface. Treatment with chlorine makes the latex silky and smooth, making it much easier to glide over the skin.
Chlorine treatment increases the durability of the material. Thus your latex outfit for the beach is better protected against abrasion by sand and against the harmful influences by UV rays. Sand or dirt can also be wiped away very easily.

Latex care after sunbathing and bathing

Sunlight, salt water and sun creams containing oil can have an unfavourable effect on the latex in the long run. Therefore, swimwear should be washed with a special latex detergent after sunbathing and swimming and then treated with latex care. After drying and rubbing with silicone oil, it is best to keep your latex swimwear in your wardrobe.