Measurement Form

We would be happy to tailor your latex garments according to individual measurements. Proper manufacture of your custom made latex item requires ample time for adequate tailoring.
Please calculate therefore, that a custom made latex product according to your choice includes a surcharge of 25%.

Individual designs and measures are archived for 1 year. In case that you would like to purchase the same item with the same custom made adaptations (a different colour, for instance) at a later time, the follow-up purchase takes place without any surcharges.







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Shoe Size
Body Height
Garment Size

Rubberdoll Model Honeyhair
Here you can download the maesurement form as a pdf file : Massanfertigung

If you wish to order a custom made item, then please carefully fill in completely the online measurements table and send it to us.
Please enter all measurements in cm. It particularly makes sense to order custom made apparel, if you already have fitting problems purchasing ordinary apparel with generic clothing sizes. Nevertheless, latex does stretch quite a bit, so very often a custom made latex dress or skirt does not require tailoring.

Thin latex stockings or latex tops generally do fit quite well without custom adaptations.
In cases where you wish that your latex catsuit has a bit longer sleeves or the length of your latex dress should be a few cm more, this does not count as a custom made adaptation and will be provided at no extra charge. Such requests can be noted during the ordering procedure, on the ordering page, where you enter any such requests into the text field.
These requests reach us thereafter at the same time with your purchase order.
In case that you are ordering a custom made item, then you need to carefully and completely fill in the online measurements table and send it to us.


Please do not reduce the sizes by yourself, since that we, depending on the thickness of the materials used, adapt the sizes according to requirements. In order for you to take proper measurements, we have provided short video clips, where you can inform yourself how to proceed.
The measuring tape shall not be too tight or too loose, while measurements are taken. Please make sure you watch the informative video material. Take measurements on the exact places where the same were taken on the mannequin for measurement instruction in our short videos and the Video here.

We are not responsible for any mistakes you made while taking your own measurements and consequent custom made changes according to any such measurements.
The measurement No. 18 is of particular importance. This is where most mistakes happen.
Take this measure by beginning where the neck starts in the front, go down and between your legs (pass the genitalia!) and again to the place where the neck starts in the back.