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Blue shiny latex Jean with pockets detail photo

Latextrosers for men - practical companions for everyday life and parties

With us you find latex trousers in different versions. The loose but very close cut in the leg area guarantees you a perfect figure in our men's latex jeans, because the cut is specially optimized for men. Choose between different fits like Slim Fit, Regular or Cargo Latex Trousers.

The elaborate workmanship will already impress you when unpacking. Double borders, glued seams as well as rivets and inlaid textile reinforcements ensure robust durability. Thanks to the fully functional pockets, our latex jeans offer space for smart phone, keys, purse or other important small items, which should be quickly available.       more information...


A blue shiny latex jeans for men combined with a jacket and sneakers

Latex trosers can be combined in many ways

Latex trousers combined with ordinary textile clothing are absolutely suitable for everyday use. If you don't always want it to be so shiny, you can also choose the chlorinated version. In addition to the wonderful wearing comfort of a chlorinated latex jeans, this special treatment makes it possible to wear the latex trousers matt or shiny.

Combined with casual sneakers, a jacket or a hoodie you are well dressed and your fellow men will not perceive you as the peculiar fetishist but as a trendy type with a slight tendency to fetish. Everything depends on a stylish combination!

Latex trousers combined with a latex shirt or shirt are also a popular outfit for many men on latex or fetish parties. The pockets of the latex jeans or cargo pants are very practical when visiting a latex party or an event. Not everyone has a slave with them, who likes to wear your personal things with devotion. Therefore the additional storage space for money or other small things is always welcome.
If you still like to wear a skintight latex catsuit, you can combine it excellently with a latex jeans.

Additionally you will get a new combination and a practical latex outfit, which you can take off layer by layer. On the other hand, a latex trousers conceals certain "problem zones", which one sees in his catsuit a little too strongly emphasized. So if you are not quite as athletic as you would like to be: Try our latex jeans over a catsuit and you will be surprised by the "Adonis effect".