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Men´s Latex Pantyhose Shiny Lights for Underneath

Black skintight shiny latex pantyhose with zip at crotch

Latex pantyhose for men by SIMON O.

Latex pantyhose also give men a particularly exciting wearing feeling. Of course, latex pantyhose can also be worn as a single outfit combined with long latex gloves or a latex mask. Most often, however, they are worn secretly under normal clothing and give you a tingling exciting feeling throughout the day.

Whether with codpiece and cock ring or condom, with seam and high heel, with practical intervention, with zipper or on request with anal condom, with us no fantasies remain unfulfilled. We offer latex pantyhose for men who want to live out their love for latex uninhibited and want to experience the special wearing comfort in everyday life. All our latex pantyhose offer best wearing comfort, do not slip and sit skintight.       more information...


Shiny skin-tight erotic: Men's latex pantyhose with seam and high heel

A man wearing a shiny latex pantyhose in red with black high heels

For real latex fetishists, latex pantyhose with seam and high heel are an absolute must-have. The high heel, also called cubic heel, emphasizes the lower leg in an attractive feminine way and optically lengthens the leg. These latex pantyhose are also very popular in combination with high heels. You can configure these latex pantyhose with seam in two colors according to your preferences. Choose your favourite colours in a wide range of latex colours.

The seam at the buttocks emphasizes the bottom in a particularly stimulating way. Also with this latex pantyhose the crotch variation and the anal area can be individualized. A zip or incorporated condoms in the genital area leave plenty of room for your fantasies and those of your partner.

Latex Pantyhose and Stockings – A Pleasure for Men

Many men love wearing latex pantyhose or stockings – it's not only women who greatly enjoy the erotic sensations of latex on their legs. Now more than ever, more men are indulging their passion and enjoy this erotic game in latex underwear. Rumor has it, that most wearers only want to feel more feminine. However, that’s only one part but does not at all apply to every man. Many customers simply see latex underwear as a way to enjoy the sensual material on their skin ant herby feel the unique erotic kick.

Skin tight latex pantyhose as underwear in everyday life

A man wears a skin tight transparent latex pantyhose with shiny surfac

Enjoy the feeling of wearing skintight latex pantyhose under your everyday clothes. A particularly exciting feeling will accompany you throughout the day. However, we would like to point out that the durability suffers a lot. Because a latex pantyhose under a jeans is at the mercy of the constant scrubbing of the textile fabric. In certain places it can lead to early signs of wear and tear.

A solution to this problem is to chlorinate the latex pantyhose.  The smooth surface is less susceptible to being offended by the scouring of textile fabrics.

TIP: Wearing a nylon pantyhose over the latex pantyhose can also prolong its life. In addition, it looks extremely sexy if you wear nylon pantyhose over your latex pantyhose.