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Latex colors by Simon O

In our latex manufacturing facility in Vienna we store 6000 linear metres of latex at all times made by Radical Rubber in almost all latex colours and gauges. Have your choice out of a broad variety of colours and gauges, selecting the perfect material for your latex catsuit. Design your latex garments with colourful enjoyment by making a choice within our huge selection on colours. Pictured latex colour patterns are photographs. You can clearly perceive lighting effects and shadows as well.

Note: Transparent natural latex is never completely transparent but always has a slightly yellowish sting. White is therefore not pure white but tends to a warm white hue. In general, it should be said that light colors are more sensitive and it can easily lead to discoloration in the material. More on our care page.

Depending on the colour presets defined by your monitor software, the displayed colours can vary wildly.

High quality latex sheeting from RADICAl RUBBER

In our manufactory only latex from the well-known manufacturer Radical Rubber is used.

Latex from Radical Rubber which is sold from England gains more and more market share. It is produced directly in Malaysia, is smooth on both sides and slightly softer and cuddly.

Latex sheetings are made from latex milk and are a pure natural material. Therefore, each harvet reacts differently due to the environmental influences in combination with the color pigments and can lead to slight color deviations.

Standard colors




4D-Vibrant & Pearlsheen

Colors for dipped latex

Zipp colors for your latex clothing

The right color of the zipper for your latex clothing. We will automatically produce your latex clothes with the matching zipper color. For this purpose, we have about 30 different zip colors available, which are constantly expanding. A latex catsuit in yellow or blue is more beautiful when the color of the zipper is equal to the catsuit. On special request, the color of the zipper can be freely chosen at some articles. So you can customize to your desire latex catsuit in black with a red zipper and use the Zipp as a decorative element in your latex clothing.