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Transparent shiny latex clothing for men

Latex Wear for Men: Latex Men Fashion by Simon O.

Latex Wear is especially erotic and exciting for men. As figure-hugging clothes are mostly reserved for women in everyday life, the tightness and snugness of the material and its skin-tight cuts, which leave little to the imagination, have a very special and exciting appeal.

Enjoy sensual and electrifying experiences with the latex wear for men and immerse yourself in the world of unrestrained latex lust. In our assortment men find beside the popular skintight latex catsuits also other latex fashion articles in large selection. Freely configurable latex trousers, latex pantyhose or latex shorts are available, as are almost all our articles, with different step options and in more than forty colours.         more information...


Latex catsuits and trousers with condom or zip in the crotch

Especially brave men choose latex pantyhose and latex catsuits for him with surgery or integrated condom. Also for everyday life you will find of course numerous latex wear for men such as body-hugging shirts, hoodies, shirts or attractive latex underwear for men. Of course, we do not only offer latex boxers, briefs or thongs, but also wicked-playful latex stockings and suspenders for him. Why not "change roles" or slip into outfits that are usually different sexes? Discover the charm and thrill of erotically charged latex clothing for everyday life or special moments with your partner.

Latex men's wear - made to measure

In the SIMON O. online shop, you can have the majority of our products custom-made: Simply state your measurements when ordering and trust that your desired latex garment will fit perfectly all round.

However, you know which standard clothing size suits you best? Then of course you can also order them - we even offer part of our range in a few colours via express production. Enjoy the unique body feeling of tight latex clothing on your skin, discover the tingling of the friction of different layers of latex on top of each other, and dare to attract a little attention with the exquisite look. Even if you are a beginner: Wear a black latex shirt with tight jeans, and you'll have a masculine party outfit that will attract everyone's attention.