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Latex Catsuit for Women – A Second Skin Made from Latex. A latex catsuit nestles against your skin and transforms your body into a shiny, awesome piece of artwork. Not only for this reason, latex suits are one of the most loved latex garments. Enjoy sensual hours in this soft second skin made from latex and experience the material’s unique feeling. ... read more 

Latex Catsuit for Women – A Second Skin Made from Latex. A latex catsuit nestles against your skin and transforms your body into a shiny, awesome piece of artwork. Not only for this reason, latex... read more »
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Latex Catsuit Online Shop - SIMON O. · Latex clothing since 1996

Latex Catsuit for Women – A Second Skin Made from Latex. A latex catsuit nestles against your skin and transforms your body into a shiny, awesome piece of artwork. Not only for this reason, latex suits are one of the most loved latex garments. Enjoy sensual hours in this soft second skin made from latex and experience the material’s unique feeling. ... read more 

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Latex Catsuits in Broad Variety

Naturally, each catsuit can be customized to fit your wants and needs. Choose a catsuit from our collection that matches your individual taste. With most items you can choose if you want to have them made with additional latex socks, gloves or masks and hoods. For many of our female customers, socks are a cheeky addition to their catsuits. Gloves add an aura of distance and refinement to the full-body-suit. A hood attached your catsuit enables total disguise and great erotic suspense.

Be it a simple jump suit or a complete latex body suit (zentai): you can have them all. In case you shouldn’t be able to design your catsuits online as you wish to, do not hesitate to send us your request. We will try hard to make your fantasy come true as fully as possible. For you to enjoy your latex catsuit for as long as possible, we send you a garment bag which we have developed specifically for this purpose. This garment bag is the perfect protection for your latex clothing. You can use it both at home to store your clothes, as well as using it on journeys. With an appropriate washing solution which you can order from Simon O. you can gently wash and take care of your catsuit, so that the material isn’t harmed.

Made-to-Measure: Your Individual Catsuit from Our Latex Factory

For a catsuit, it is a must that fits perfectly from head to toe. The unique effect of latex unfolds best when the suit matches your body measurements and fits like a second skin. We guarantee the perfect fit through made-to-measure pieces.

As soon as you’ve decided on a latex suit, you can customize it according to your taste. Via the option fields on the right side you can choose the exact features of each component that you like best. From size, to colors, to zips and gaps as well as material thickness: you can choose all features so as to create your dream catsuit. In order to make sure your suit fits like a second skin, we also gladly make it to your individual measurment – this option provides a particularly good price-performance-ratio, as regular store sizes rarely fit.

Latex Catsuit by SIMON O. Made to Measure

A made to measure catsuit is fully handmade at SIMON O.’s factory. From the measurements you supply we first design the cut, then transfer the template onto the latex and lastly apply glue to the seams to create the finished product. This way, we ensure each item's quality and, at the same time, are able to find mistakes that are often made when taking one’s measurments. This multi-step process is the reason why we cannot offer customized latex catsuits without extra charges. We keep your measurments for up to a year, so that they are saved for future orders.

Simply Unique: Latex Catsuits on Your Skin

The leading designer behind SIMON O. has been a passionate latex lover for more than 20 years. Therefore, he knows exactly what it takes to create a perfectly fitting piece of latex clothing that is comfortabe to wear. Despite the garment being so tight, a latex catsuit is surprisingly flexible and adjusts to all movements. Because of its skintight fit and contact to the whole body, a full latex suit offers a maximum of intensity. Soft breeze or love game – the material makes every touch more exciting and intimate. As soon as you put it on, the gentle constriction creates a intimate sensations and it is quite common that erotic experiences in a latex catsuit are described as “fireworks of sensation”.

How can I entice my wife to enjoy a latex catsuit?

To motivate your partner into wearing latex, particularly to enjoy a skin-tight latex catsuit is most of the time not a mission impossible as one may presume, but as with all other topics, it helps if you talk about it! In a partnership of this kind you should be able to freely speak about your wishes, desires, hopes and dreams regarding the topics of sexuality and sensuality. It should not matter if you discuss certain sexual activities, positions or merely your desire to feel and experience your partner wearing a latex catsuit. It is generally a good idea to tread carefully with this and not yell it out as a surprise, people tend to be reluctant to accept sudden changes and feel overwhelmed, if unexpectedly pressured - yet it is very healthy and can bring surprising results to simply state wishes and explain them with patience. There is no need to immediately produce a full blown latex body suit complete with a mask, gloves and built in condoms, perhaps it is more prudent to start smaller, with latex leggings for instance, which could induce more serious latex cravings in due time. It happens that very often women can be influenced by fashion trends and thus some particular model or a very popular and trendy colour can become a trigger for the ultimate decision to try out latex fashion. There is no explaining or persuasion that equals trying out the thin, sensual second skin, the exciting wearing sensation of the first erotic experience in latex, which will undoubtedly lead to further experimentation in terms of latex joy.; Make sure that you browse together through our online shop and get inspired by our product line, like the erotically charged, glossy catsuits or any other latex garment she would feel comfortable with.

For a harmonious partnership there is a simple formula, which should come from the heart: Relish the opportunity to give joy and happiness to each other.

Directly applied to our case at hand, it would mean, for instance, that your partner would be delighted to experience your enthusiasm regarding her donning a latex catsuit. But dear men (please do not hate me for stating the obvious :) ) it might also be very beneficial for your relationship if every now and then you would venture into ironing and cleaning. Stepping out of your comfort zone in order to make your partner happy, this is the secret to a happy relationship. But once you experience how happy your partner is, just because you went out of your way to make your partner happy, then the whole experience will be without a doubt a wonderful one for both of you, despite the initial reluctance.

Your wife as a sensual object of sexual desire in a latex catsuit

In order to follow up the first encounter with a latex catsuit with as many as possible additional latex adventures, thereby making sure that your partner does not get frustrated or even start hating latex, do not make the mistake of seeing her as only sexually attractive, when she is wearing a latex catsuit! It is understandable that a female wearing a glossy latex suit will first and foremost provoke sexual desire and be enticing, but you should never simply treat her as “an object of lust and desire”, but you should keep in mind that in that latex coverall, there is a person inside, needing attention and love. While showing adequate respect and treatment is paramount, after all, it is somewhat of an erotic adventure and the latex outfit should be attributed for the excitement it creates, yet the person in the suit should remain the reason for the lust, albeit such a balancing act may be hard to do just right. It is really necessary to make your partner understand that it is her you are lusting after and not only the latex catsuit tickling your fancy. Your partner should also be aware that such a latex suit without a person inside is completely useless and meritless, since that such a suit becomes alive through the curvature, voluptuousness and sexuality of the person wearing it. Please, never reduce your partner to a mere latex catsuit, she wears! If she takes it off and throws it in your face, saying “now have fun with it”, is that what you actually want? We all know that it is her you actually want, so when she is wearing it, know who wears the pants on that day. :) . Make sure that she is aware that all the latex, high heels and any lingerie she is wearing are only spicing things up, but it is ultimately her beauty you worship, that the shoes, debonair purse, or whatever else she may purchase and wear, only work if she is wearing them, accessories to her beauty. Tell your partner that it is important for you that she enjoys wearing latex and despite it being a real turn on for you, it should be her enjoyment and fun that will turn up the heat for you as well, this “utensil” in form of erotic garment is just adding to the fun. But when she puts all her female charms into the latex catsuit and with that nakedness gone wild she gets you all crazed, then she will learn about the power she has in that latex suit and will mutate in seconds into your personal lust demon whenever she chooses! When she is aware that she has even more power over you when wearing this incredibly erotic latex catsuit then her joy and excitement will only grow, relishing the sexuality she possesses and the power to drive you mad! Ladies, use the opportunity to dominate your men with this wicked and sensual garments that kindle the flames of lust and fantasies and this experience will provide fulfilling experiences and even stronger desires of your own..

The art of choosing the appropriate latex catsuit as your first one

It is quite of importance to choose wisely when picking your first latex catsuit ever. - as previously mentioned, the first suit should not be too extreme, like being a full-blown latex body suit, with attached gloves, socks, mask, condoms and lockable sliders. While we are at it, whoever is looking for something similar, have a glance at our model SUIT 1 or Rubberdoll 3, at least for reference. These models allow for a complete transformation into a rubber doll.

This kind of a latex catsuit is not particularly suited as a Christmas present for your partner, in terms of trying out some latex garments for the first time, but rather something experienced pros and latex aficionados would appreciate, as would rubber doll fetishists. The Rubberdoll catsuits allow for a complete transformation into a rubber doll and can be used to close up any bodily orifice, if this is the desired application. Generally, such an item is used to create an agreeable latex slave. Discreetly hidden behind a zip fastener, anal and vaginal condoms can be incorporated and thus double pleasure can be applied on both sides at once, but also orally with an additionally affixed condom there as well.

Alternatively, the starter model latex catsuit, as an introduction into the field, is designed to provide a sense of well-being, actually we offer several models in that perspective, which can even be combined with everyday clothing and be worn in public. These are easier to put on, feel snug and cosy when worn. We would like to elaborate some more on 3 suitable introductory models.

  • Latex Catsuit Model CSD-BASIC

    This is truly a simple latex catsuit, made out of fine, thin latex, very easy to wear, comfortable and designed with a princess cut. This elegant princess cut allows the size of the bosom to be of no importance, since that this catsuit adapts to the natural curvature of the person wearing it and thus it fits a variety of cup sizes effortlessly. It provides for an unbelievable sensual experience for your entire skin. This basic line model features our 14-day express manufacturing at a bargain price and 14-day exchange in case of size error signature offer. This may be another good reason why you should opt for this model as well. This latex catsuit comes with a zip fastener in the crotch area. In order to offer an even better experience, this filmy latex catsuit is particularly elaborately designed in having separate zip fasteners for donning and for the crotch area. Furthermore, this latex catsuit in the chlorinated version is easy to maintain and easier to put on, particularly for a latex novice. Do not forget: order silicone oil for the shiniest polish you can imagine!

  • Latex Catsuit Model CSD-PRINCESS

    This latex catsuit is also made out of finest, thin latex, comfortable to wear and also designed with the princess cut. It provides for an exquisite wearing comfort, light on the skin, is a customers’ favourite, is made out of 0.25 mm thin material and can be purchased in all listed colours. Additionally, this latex catsuit can be customised, for example the design of the crotch area is variable, you can choose the variant of gloves, socks and mask you want. This model has also separate zip fasteners for donning and for the crotch area. There is also ample distance between the two, in order to provide more freedom of movement and an increased wearing comfort.

  • Latex Catsuit Model CSD-PARADISE

    This latex catsuit is created to be particularly trendy and erotically charged, a latex catsuit with a completely unique design! As a special bonus, this catsuit has the classic seam in the back, like the latex stockings, straight up to the buttocks, providing for the classy, yet sexy overall impression. This is a latex suit that can cling to you like a second skin and it feels and looks always perfectly. The princess cut makes this latex catsuit adapt easily to several cup sizes. You can order this catsuit model in following stocked sizes: XS-S-M-L-XL-XXL.