How do I properly store my latex garments?

Always use dedicated latex care products!

Properly washed and dried latex garments should be coated with the designated silicon oil. This procedure prevents the latex garments from adhesion during storage and facilitates easier donning.
Furthermore, the silicon oil also facilitates the typical latex sheen and is very easy on the skin.

Latex garments and any other latex based products should be stored in a dark place. Avoid exposing latex clothing items to direct sunlight for prolonged time periods.

Sunlight contains UV-rays, which harm the material in the long run and make it appear dull and grey – thus the importance of storage in dark places.

Please also take notice that these garments should not come in close contact with other textile materials, metallic objects or latex of a different colour, as any such contact may cause discolourations and stains.

This should be a particular issue with latex garments in lighter colours.

How do I appropriately wash my latex attire?

Latex garments that have been worn should be washed immediately afterwards, since that fat and sweat affect the latex in a bad way and signs of wear may appear in quick succession. It may be your best choice to simply wash your latex garments with some mild shampoo (no detergent, no dish washing liquid or any other household cleaning agent!) in warm water in the wash hand basin or the bathtub. If you fill up a bucket with lukewarm water and add one tablespoon of Rubbersilk silicone oil to the water, you will additionally get a smooth gloss of the latex surface and it will also prevent sticking.
If you have coated your latex garments with silicon oil, then you do not have to put powder on it as well, since that the powder and the silicon may react and smudge the surface, which does not look nice.
If such a thing happens, though, it is no reason for concern. Just simply wash your garment again.

How do I correctly and in a simple manner don my latex garments?

Here are a few useful hints, in case you decide to wear your latex garments and how you should handle it. Novices in particular tend to run into problems putting on some tighter latex wear, such as catsuits and leggings. If you have long fingernails, you can cause significant damage to your clothing during the donning procedure. Therefore, please pay attention to your fingernails while putting your latex on, do not employ the nails in any way (put the material flat into the palm of your hand) and make sure that they do not cut into the latex.

Additionally, please take notice that you should not use any skin care products, such as cream or lotions, if you plan to wear latex later.

The simplest way of getting into latex garments is to use "Rubbersilk" silicon oil as dressing aid. It is free of fats and made for use with latex.

Usage of silicon oil has also a delightful additional side effect. It nourishes the skin and makes it soft and tender. In fact, this particular silicon oil is a product, which has been used by the cosmetic industry for just that purpose. It is completely fragrance free,tastes neutral and is dermatologically tested, it has very good nurturing properties and is an excellent lubricant as well as massage oil, making it a natural choice for slippery games involving latex.

If you are using transparent latex, then silicon oil should be given absolute preference, because it will vividly accommodate the transparency effect. During our professional photo shooting sessions silicon oil is used exclusively, since that it ensures maximum optical impact of our photographed latex items. Only a few drops are enough to cover a significant area.

NEVER use a different kind of oil (baby oil) or a product containing fats as a dressing aid. It would destroy latex very quickly!

What do I have to do in order to get my latex items to shine as expected?

In order to polish up latex to perfection, you should use only certain, just for that use developed, but also pretty expensive sprays. As a service to our customers, we engaged into providing such care products and dressing aids and are able to offer them at discount prices.

AMOR ALL is a sheen and care product in a pump spray canister, which has already been used for 10 years to make latex garments shine.

You can certainly make your latex items shine as well, but only if you employ silicon oil. As already mentioned in "LAUNDRY", simply add a teaspoon of product into the water.

Latex can discolour! What do I pay attention to?

Be careful with copper and all non-ferrous metals!

Latex garments can discolour pretty quickly.
Be very careful when wearing latex, particularly with metal pieces, accessories, fashion and other jewellery, jeans buttons, money, belt buckles and shoes! Discolouration stains cannot be removed. With transparent or light-coloured garments (white, jade-green, pink, etc.) it may happen that some other clothing items give off colour pigments, which land on your latex piece and cause ugly stains as well.

Additionally be very careful with personal care products and perfumes, make sure they make no direct contact with your latex garments.

Theatre make-up can also cause significant damage. It contains extreme amounts of fats and may discolour and even destroy your latex piece.

Can I wear Latex beneath ordinary clothing?

Wearing latex under ordinary clothing can be a very exciting thing. Unfortunately, the spots where friction takes place, where latex and clothing contact (knee and elbow areas) become after a certain amount of time dull and cannot be rejuvenated and made to shine again. Additionally, because of these wear signs, after repeated use, the affected areas become more susceptible to stretching damages.

How do latex and plastics interact?

Some plastics contain plasticisers, which can destroy latex. Toys made out of silicon or other soft materials (dildos and similar) should not remain in prolonged contact with the material. Do not leave such utensils in contact with latex garments overnight. At this point of contact the material will begin to curl and after some time also become brittle.

What is the life expectancy of my latex wardrobe?

If some simple rules are being followed, such as: Limited exposure to sunlight, stored in a dark place, no fats and oils, washing after wearing, etc. may ensure many years of enjoyment in latex made by us. Estimated durability of 8 ‐ 10 years is a fair approximation, if proper care is warranted.