Latex Pantyhose

Latex Pantyhose: First-Class Comfort and Exiting Sensations

Compared to casual pantyhose, latex pantyhose have numerous benefits. They are particularly comfortable, they don’t slide, and never show through where we don’t wish them to. “Trouble zones” under tight garments caused by hems cutting into your body belong to the past, because all our pantyhose are made-to-measure form either sheer or compact latex and have a broad waistband. You’ll see: as soon as you’ve acquired a taste for latex pantyhose, almost nothing can turn you back to nylons again.

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9 Item(s)

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Latex Pantyhose Skin Tight and Sexy

Latex pantyhose skin tight Latex pantyhose by SIMON O. are manufactured in different colors and designs. Some of our models are aimed at classy pantyhose and come with a glued seam and foot. They are suitable for everyday clothes, while still guaranteeing an eye-catching outfit. Other latex pantyhose show a contrasting thong or come in a stockings-design or suspender-belt-design.

Latex Pantyhoses in Transparent Latex

Latex Pantyhose sexy look Our latex pantyhose models in the colors “skin diamond” and in transparent shades are particularly appealing. At first sight, they look like conventional sheer pantyhose. But then they unfold their exceptionality due to their exquisite shine and a feeling on the skin that you’ll only get from latex. Enjoy the exiting latex-sensations induced by your latex pantyhose – every day and with all kinds of outfits.

Latex Pantyhose with Erotic Extras

Latex pantyhose skin tight Some latex panty hose by SIMON O.’s manufactory come with erotic specialties. You can have them with zippers – lockable, if you want -, integrated condoms, or with an open crotch area so that you don’t have to put them off during sensual hours with your partner. Have a look at all the options available at our article pages, so that you can customize your pantyhose, from waist to shoe size, exactly as you want.

Latex Pantyhose in Numerous Colors

Latex Pantyhose Numerous Colors Choose from numerous colors ranging from transparent shades, to vibrant, neon, red and metallic to black ones. Order your item either with chlorination for easily putting them on and off, or without chlorination for an even tighter feeling where nothing slips – no matter, how long you wear your latex pantyhose. Of course, we’ll gladly make your pantyhose to measure, so that it fits like a second skin and so that you can enjoy the bliss of tight-fitting latex.