Red latex blouse for women with long puffed sleeves

Latex Blouse for Stylish Exceptionality

A latex blouse are an exceptional garments: a blouse made from latex combines the airy feeling and the loosely falling look we know from blouses made form silk or chiffon, with the unique texture of latex. That’s due to fact that our latex blouses are made from high quality, sheer latex.

They are made by hand, which ensures the cut will be both as tight and as smoothly falling as wanted. Of course, you can have each latex blouse at SIMON O.’s online shop made-to measure upon request.

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See-through ladies' latex blouses: especially made of the finest latex

Particularly attractive are translucent or completely transparent latex blouses through which the underwear is visible and can be seen. On request, all latex blouses in the SIMON O. Online Shop are of course also made to measure - so you can trust that the garment not only convinces with its comfortable fit, but also perfectly fits all around.

Our models range from tight-cut latex blouses with lapel collar or stand-up collar to the loose-fitting blouse with wide puff sleeves. Between romantic and business-style you will definitely find a variant that you like.

Simon O. Tip: With latex blouses it’s of great use to have it chlorinated in order to preserve the loosely falling look.

Matching Buttons: Your Latex Blouse Individually Tailored

For almost all of our blouses, you can choose a button row of different designs. We offer buttons of various kinds and colors. Choose between common, practical snap fasteners for quickly putting on and off your clothes, and even preciously sparkling crystal glass buttons by Swarovski.

Meanwhile, we also offer our own buttons with the SIMON O. logo – just in case you like it a little more naughty and ironic. All buttons are sewn onto your blouse by hand and provide your blouse with an elegant finish.

Some of our long sleeve latex blouses are made to be worn with cufflinks. For those models, we’ll send you cufflinks with our logo that are made especially for these blouses – of course, you can reorder these cufflinks in case they get lost.

A Latex Blouse from SIMON O: : Even for Every Day

A Latex Blouse by SIMON O. can be perfectly combined with textile garments, due to the beautiful, feminine cuts and our high consciousness for quality. A black latex blouse worn with a pencil skirt and pumps is an absolute highlight at a party and at every extravagant evening event.

But when also combined with jeans and a blazer, you’ll get a very special yet still stylish outfit. Erotic meets Elegance: A latex blouse is a classy example of this exciting mix of styles.

black transparent latex blouse for women