Erotic Hide-and-Seek: Latex Masks, Breath-Control-Masks and Blindfolds

Latex masks are extremely sensual completions to your latex outfit, or accessories that you can use on their own. Your partner’s face disappears under the latex mask. Thus, it creates a welcomed alienation. The field of view is cut back drastically or even completely. Additionally, you will enjoy a unique, arousing thrill as soon as the latex material wraps around your head and touches every part of it.

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24 Item(s)

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Unrestrained pleasure in Latex Masks

Latex Mask When playing with latex masks you feel totally free and can let yourself sink into new worlds of erotic hide-and-seek. Enjoy the exceptional intensity of latex on your face and neck. Playing with breath-control-hoods, then, requires extensive mutual trust and is often experienced as highly intimate. Our masks all have gaps above the mouth and the nostrils.

At Simon O.’s you can also choose from an exquisite variety of blindfolds. These might be a good first step into control games – before you grab your first latex mask. No matter, if you want to play dominant or submissive, you’ll find all the accessories you need for your fantasies at our online shop. All our items are handcrafted from finest high quality latex. In the world of latex fashion, Simon O. is well known for quality, know-how and discretion. Thanks to many years of experience with latex and fetish fashion, we can tailor our items exactly to our customer’s wants and needs. Moreover, we’re always eager to realize individual pieces that go beyond our regular offers – don’t hesitate to send us your request.

Getting to Know Latex Masks: First Steps to enjoy the special feeling

Latex Mask Playful Perhaps your partner has some reservations against latex masks in the beginning. What you need to do first, is to talk to your partner and never, ever, try to force your wishes upon him or her. There are many reasons, why some disapprove of latex masks, e.g. being afraid of suffocation or not liking the “anonymity” caused by the mask.

It’s important to see that it’s the person wearing the latex mask that transforms it into an erotic accessory. Similar to lingerie or high heels, a mask can hide or accentuate. Thereby it creates an aura of “mystery” and raises desires and fantasy in the subconscious mind. Another exciting aspect is the somewhat naughty and bizarre touch. However, the willingness to wear a latex mask requires mutual trust, which will further enhance the intimate atmosphere.

For beginners who still are a little unsure, a model with open eyes and mouth is definitely the best choice. That way, partners can look into each other’s eyes, which are accentuated by the mask, and can communicate with and recognize each other. One of our masks even has a completely open face – an ideal model for first steps into the topic. Check out our assortment together with your partner and choose the mask that you like best and that raises your desires for more.