Individually manufactured: All options for latex clothing from SIMON O.

Thanks to special configuration possibilities, our latex garments can be perfectly adapted to your wishes. We have taken great efforts to design the majority of our models towards a high configurability and to equip the majority of our garments with a lot of adjustment options. Especially in case of our popular latex catsuits, many of the available options are employed. Just check whether your desired configuration is availabe for the respective model or not.

An overview of all configuration possibilities for our items is given below:


Latex clothing with attached latex gloves or gaunlets

Latex gloves can be attached to many different upper body items. Attached gloves are particularly popuplar in connection with latex catsuits but also in case of bodys or shirts. The cuffs are always the same color as the basic color of the respective item and represent a welcomed addition for catsuits or tops.


Latex clothing with attached socks

Attached socks or foot straps are also possible in case of latex tights, leggings or latex catsuits. Both variants are produced in the same color as the main color of the chosen item.


Women latex clothing crotch area

For nearly all types of our latex clothing, we assume the standard variant "closed crotch". Despite this fact, you have the possibility to configure catsuits and pants according to your personal imaginations and desires due to our wide range of offered variations.



Men latex clothing crotch area

There`s an especially large number of configurations available for the crotch area of men`s clothing. Just configure your latex catsuit, leggings or pantyhose precisely and individually in accordance with your imagination: Starting from a regular or lockable zipper up to a condom or cock-ball - thanks to the high diversity of options, there won`t be any limits to your phantasy.



Latex clothing anal area options

In addition, some variants of our men`s latex clothing offer a free configurability of the anal area. This is the case for nearly all latex catsuits and for many latex leggings and latex tights.



Chlorination of your latex clothing

With this option, you can choose whether your latex clothes will be chlorinated or not. This special treatment makes latex much more slippery and eases dressing and undressing. This option is especially recommendable for latex catsuits, latex leggings, tight shirts, blouses and in particular loosely cut latex clothing like jogging pants or sports jackets. On the contrary, chlorination is not recommended for stockings or mini-skirts due to the undesired and eased down-slipping of the treated garments.
>> All advantages and disadvantages of a chlorination and further information can be found here


Latex clothing with high waist option

For some latex leggings the waistband height can be chosen as well. You can choose between a standard waistband with a height of 4 cm or a high waistband ("high waist") with a height of 12 cm. A high-waist-cut usually reaches up to your navel or waistline.


Latex clothing with additional zippers

Apart from the manifold crotch variants, additional zippers are also available for many other clothes of our collection. For instance, one or several additional zippers can be added to the breast area of latex catsuits or tops on customers' request. For some models the position of the entry zipper can be chosen to be at the back or front.


Latex mask - eye area

For most of our latex masks, the area around the eyes is freely configurable. We offer the following possibilities for an adjustment of the mask according to your demands.


Latex mask - mouth area

Even the mouth area of our latex masks can be varied or extended. For this purpose, we offer the following choices:


Latex mask- additional hair pieces Pony tails

The artificial hair (pony tail) which is attached to some of our masks is available in the following color


Latex mask - other options to create your latex mask like your wishes

Some of our latex masks can be equipped with very special features. Innovative new features like a slit for glasses or a perforated ear section are often practical and useful. Additional O-rings ensure a further richness of varieties.



Nippels for our latex catsuits especially the Rubberdoll latex suit

Our cast latex nipples with or without piercing are specifically designed for our bestselling suit - the rubberdoll suit. They are also an exciting supplement for other upper body garments. We cannot provide every latex item with nipples, but we are endevoured to fulfil your wishes. Simply contact us if you like to combine your favourite item with our latex nipples.